Reasons why Netflix’s Alice in Borderland is a Must Watch for Anime Lovers!

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  • POSTED ON: December 10, 2020

A Must Watch after the best of the bests of November 2020!

So, who’s ready for some heart-pounding thrills on a
Hollywood scale? Because Netflix is bringing the much-anticipated live-action
adaption of manga series Alice in

Despite a year of production delays due to coronavirus,
Netflix’s latest action-packed series is finally coming to your screens and
it’s looking a like a treat for anime freaks!

Based on the best-selling manga by Hario Aso, Alice in Borderland tells a story of a young
videogame enthusiast Ryohei, who together with his friends, is sent to an
alternative reality where they are forced to compete in a series of deadly games
for the sake of their survival.

No, it’s not like Jumanji,
if that’s what you’re wondering. The series do give some Hunger Games or a Battle
vibes, though, in which a group of teenagers are kept in a chaotic
situation in which hard decisions are to be taken throughout in order to survive.

“Be careful what you wish for!” is probably the number one takeaway
from Alice in Borderland!

Anime lovers may agree that the manga series has a devilish
proposition with some amazing 3D characters, offering a perfect atmosphere that
will look brilliant on the television, whether it’s in the form of live-action
or animated.

Shinsuke Sato joined the project as a director, who is
widely known for his works in Kingdom
and Inuyashiki, to name a few.

The original series was serialized in Shogakukan’s Shonen Sunday magazine from November
2010 to March 2015, and later switched to Weekly
Shonen Sunday
in April 2015 and concluded in March 2016.

In 2014, Silver Link and Connect animation studios adapted
the series into a three-episode Original Video Animation (OVA). After the
original run, to your surprise, the series came up with two spin-off titles called Alice
on Borderroad and Chi no Kyokuchi-Daiya no King-hen

The series became instantly popular and fan-favorite for its
thrilling storytelling and interesting characters.

Now, Alice in
season is returning to our screens with a thrilling live-action
series on Netflix, all set to drive us at the edge our seats!

We got early access to the first few episodes, and we’re
delighted to tell you that Alice in Borderland
is a must-watch, especially for anime lovers!

In season 1, an apathetic group of teenagers struggle to
survive and eventually team up to track down the unknown game master
responsible for their adventures and sufferings.

Scroll down to learn everything you need to know about
Netflix’s latest live-action series.

What is
the release date?

in Borderland
is slated to release on Netflix on 10th
December 2020.

What is
the plot?

The original Netflix’s synopsis for the series reads as

“Ryohei Arisu has been irritated with his intolerable
everyday life. One day, when he is hanging around Tokyo with two of his
friends, a mysterious light is shot, then all the people around them disappear.
In the emptied Tokyo, deadly “games” begin one after another. Arisu and his
friends struggle to survive through unreasonable games that can easily take
their life.”

Well, it doesn’t sound like something we haven’t watched
before, but we’re still eager to see Alice in Borderland, a live-action version of this
psychological thriller under Shinsuke Sato’s treatment!

Sato has mastered the skill of turning popular manga into
movies that are actually entertaining, such as his most recent work Kingdom, starring Yamazaki. He also
directed the series called Gantz (2011),
which similarly features a group of conflicted characters trapped in a
mysterious place, where they are forced to participate in deadly missions.

What is
the cast of the series?

Kento Yamazaki is playing a lead role of Arisu and Tao
Tsuchiya is starring as Usagi.

The other supporting cast include: Yuki Morinaga, Keita Machida, Nijiro Murakami, Ayaka Miyoshi, Aya Asahina, Dori Sakurada, Shuntaro
Yanagi, Ayame Misaki and Yutaro Watanabe.

Do I
have to read about the series before watching it?

Absolutely not! Even if you’re not familiar with the manga
series before, Netflix’s live-action series is enough to give you a genuine
sense of discovery. Just at the beginning, you’ll get to know what the main
characters are unlike American shows, where you have to sit through 30 minutes
of nonsense before the big reveal.

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Sometimes those 30 minutes of blah blah blah feel utterly
pointless, given that the series is usually introduced to us in the goddamn
synopsis! Seriously, Hollywood should take notes from the Japanese!

in it for anime lovers?

Not just anime lovers, but manga fans will also have a lot of
reasons to fall in love with this series. It’s a complete comic book story! You
will find uncanny similarities between the series and anime characters. Even
though it’s a live-action movie, the real world characters somewhat look like
anime characters. They even have silver hair, if that’s what you want to see!
Just like anime, you will see characters whining about little things, going
melodramatic, and throwing over-the-board reactions (no offense!).

The series is a retelling of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in
Wonderland” story, but in a metaphorical way. The difference is that the
characters’ names reflect their portrayal in the story, such as Yuzuha Usagi is the White Rabbit and Ryohei Arisu is
named after Alice, etc.

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Considering that some of Netflix’s most successful Japanese
productions have always been anime till date, it completely justifies that they
would produce a live-action drama exclusively targeting anime lovers. And look,
they finally made it! There’s some incredible talent behind Alice in Borderland, and obviously a
massive budget.

So are you excited to see Alice in Borderland?

Check out the trailer here:

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Updated December 10, 2020
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