Quite Place 2 is Coming Sooner than Later!

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  • POSTED ON: March 6, 2021

The sound-hating monsters are all set to come back earlier than expected!

Paramount Pictures has bumped up the release date of “A Quite Place 2” by several months, shifting the release date from September 17th to May 28th. Mark Wahlberge’s action-thriller, “Infinite” was originally slated to release on the same date, but was postponed till September 24th. Now, the slot has been taken by the much-anticipated sequel of “A Quite Place 2,” starring Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy.

Directed by John Krasinski, A Quite Place Part II has been postposed multiple times due to the pandemic. Originally, the movie was slated for a release in March last year, but the ongoing health crisis watered all the plans. There was even an extravagant red carpet premier for “A Quite Place 2” on March 8 in New York, just days before the authorities put the entire country on lockdown.

“There always say good things come to those who wait,” Krasinski wrote on Twitter on Thursday. “Well…. I think we have waited long enough.”

The decision came one week after Paramount revealed its plans about shortening the theatrical runtime, making “A Quite Place part 2,” Mission: Impossible 7” and other upcoming movies available at the newest streaming service Paramount Plus. The movies will be digitally released after running for about 45 days on the big screen. Earlier in the pre-pandemic days, theatre operators required studios to keep their titles exclusively in theatres for 90 days.

But 2020 has changed this game entirely!

The year-long closure of cinemas and theatres has changed the conventional way of doing business, allowing content-creators to release their movies online sooner than usual.

There are many factors that inspired creators to push up the release plans for “A Quite Place II’. First, the earlier release of the movie would make it easier for newly-launched streaming sites to attract subscribers by marketing the movie as its buzzy offering.  After completing the 45 days window of theatrical run, the sequel of “A Quite Place 2” will be available on the digital site in July.

Secondly, the health situation of the country is getting back on track after Biden’s administration has rolled out a comprehensive vaccine plan. Just recently, theatres in New York have been permitted to operate at a limited capacity.   

“A Quite Place’ fans don’t have to wait any longer. Yayyy!

Check out the trailer here:

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Updated March 6, 2021
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