Prince Harry and Meghan on Oprah Winfrey: Is Diana History Repeating Itself?

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  • POSTED ON: March 1, 2021

“Were you silent or were you silenced?”

Oprah Winfrey make things a bit heat up and emotional for
Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, as they appeared in their first television
interview since moving to California last year.

CBS has released two short videos from Winfrey’s interview
of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which is scheduled to air on Sunday March 7th.
The couple is said to break their long-held silence over their decision of
stepping away from royal titles and patronages.

“My biggest concern was history repeating itself,” said
Harry, seemingly referring to the fate of his late mother, Princess Diana, who
died in a car crash in Paris while being chased by paparazzi. She was 36.

“I just want to make it clear to everybody there is no
subject that’s off-limits,” Winfrey said in the teaser-clip, and went on to ask
Meghan, “Were you silent or were you silenced?” and “Almost unsurvivable sounds
like there was a breaking point.”

In the teaser clips, Prince Harry is sitting next to her
pregnant wife, Meghan, and holding her hand. The couple just announced that
they are expecting their second child. 

“I am just really relieved and happy to be sitting him
talking to you with my wife by my side,” Harry said. “Because I can’t imagine
what it must have been like for her (Diana), going through this process by
herself all those years ago.”

Before the couple moved to California, they seemed to be
struggling with the British tabloid’s treatment of Meghan – whose mother is
African-American and father is white man – and she was often subjected to racism, bullying
and intense public scrutiny.

Last week, Buckingham Palace released official statement
that the couple will not be returning to UK as working members of the Royal
Family. Grandmother, the Queen, has officially stripped the couple off their
royal titles!

Earlier on Wednesday, Prince Harry made a special appearance
on the Late Late Show with James Corden, revealing
plenty of details about his personal life including how he fell in love with
Meghan, his son Archie and his deteriorating mental health.

He called British press “toxic” for creating a “difficult
environment” for him and his family. He said, “It was a really difficult
environment, as I think a lot of people saw. We all know what the British press
can be like, and it was destroying my mental health. I was like, this is toxic.
So I did what any husband and what any father would do. It was like, I need to
get my family out of here.”

He insisted that he didn’t “walk away” from the Royal
family, “It was stepping back rather than stepping down,” He added.

Fans of the Netflix’s The
would know that Queen doesn’t like to be challenged in any way! Ever
since the couple announced their sit-down with Oprah Winfrey, the Royal Family
would be fretting about what will come out of the interview. Though, the couple ensured that they will not say (or do) anything that could
harm The Queen’s reputation or bring any embarrassment to her.

This interview has been compared with the iconic interview of
Princess Diana with Martin Bashir in 1995 on BBC’s Panorama, where she revealed
shocking details about her married life, toxic media treatment, husband’s
marital affairs and her struggles with Bulimia.

Will Diana history be
repeating itself? We have to wait till 7th March to find out.
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Updated March 1, 2021
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