Parker Movie: Five Shocking Facts That You Need To Know Including Cast and Jason Statham

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  • POSTED ON: March 15, 2021

Netflix has been coming up with so many action movies lately, and we’re here to discuss Jason Statham’s most famous underrated film with you – this movie has recently taken the number one position on trending. In fact, the movie is also trending at #5 on the streaming platforms all-time top 10 Most-Watched movies!

But hey! Let’s just get on with the movie review because we’re about to reveal five shocking facts about the Parker Movie:

Cast & Reception

First of all, the movie was released back in 2013 and wasn’t received as well as it is being now. The cast includes Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez. The supporting cast is equally convincing and includes Wendell Pierce, Clifton Collins Jr., Bobby Cannavale, Patti LuPone, Nick Nolte, Daniel Bernhardt, Billy Slaughter, Jon Eyez, and Carl J. Walker and Micah Hauptman.


The plot of the movie is definitely its selling point! You will see Jason Statham playing the role of a thief, but even then he has a strict set of rules to abide by. So he is a righteous thief who doesn’t steal from innocent and weak people.

But soon, his high morals are jeopardized, as he is given a task of performing a heist with a group of literal savages. This is when he meets Leslie Rodgers who helps him give it back to the robbers who wrongly used him. The movie is better when you see it – trust us. The movie is rated R because of strong violent content and brief nude scenes.

Direction and Concept

The movie is directed by Hackford, Alexander, Sidney Kimmel, Steven Chasman and Jonathan Mitchell. Hackford revealed that he was excited to make this movie, as it’s his first venture into the noir genre. He wanted to experiment and at the time he was feeling a bit stuck and uninspired. This movie was a challenge for him and that is exactly why he decided to take it head on and he did succeed.


The producer of the movie, Nick Meyer has revealed that the movie had a budget of 30 million, which is pretty good considering the genre. The movie was filmed in less than seven weeks and that, too, in New Orleans – a place known to have halted several productions, if not delayed indefinitely. A section of this film was also shot in Palm Beach, Florida. This was a fascinating area for the director who wanted to bring a big budgeted film to a local location.


Jason Statham came into the picture in the April of 2011. About his character in the movie, Statham said that he’s playing a man who lives by a certain moral code.

"He’s involved in criminal activities but he perceives all business to be in some way crooked. He never steals from people who can’t afford it and he doesn’t hurt people that don’t deserve it.” – He said.

Jennifer Lopez joined the cast in June as the female lead(the love interest who gets involved in his business while he’s stuck with the heist).

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In the end, all we have to say is that Parker is a ruthless and meticulous Statham action movie – English actor best known for crime thrillers. He joined by a wonderful cast with Jennifer Lopez Parker stars. 

Updated March 15, 2021
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