Oprah Interview Harry Meghan Streaming |Top 26 Viral Memes, Reactions, and Videos That Are Breaking the Internet

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  • POSTED ON: March 10, 2021

Great Britain is still recovering from the showdown that occurred when Oprah
Winfrey, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry sat down for an interview. The
two-hour long interview has several moments where you simply can’t register the
stuff that you were hearing. The fact that Meghan was struggling with suicidal
ideation was most likely the breaking point – but sadly, a lot of people have
started making memes about it, too.

know if it’s a generational problem or the lack of empathy, but there was no
need to create memes on this heartbreaking interview. But it seems like the
rough life of the cornered royals has now become a punching bag – they clash
and the world laughs.

thing is for sure, the interview has reunited the British and American viewers
and given them liberty to do what they specialize in: passing comments and
judgment on the character of Meghan Markle.  

they are concerned about Harry’s mental health because poor boy is being
controlled by an evil and conniving actress from Hollywood. Moreover, they
(people who’ve never met her) always knew that Meghan was jealous of Kate
Middleton and now they’re sure because Meghan blatantly lied about her in the
interview – the part where she revealed that Kate made her cry few days before
the wedding.

everyone is talking about the interview because the Brits don’t care about
their broken healthcare system and the Americans would rather talk about
Meghan’s makeup than the fact that Biden is just another fraud who isn’t doing
much to raise the minimum wage.

not everything is dark and hopeless – we do have a small section of people who
are feeling bad for the couple. They have been reacting to the interview and
have called for action against the monarchy.

check out some of the viral memes and reaction videos that are breaking the
internet right now!

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Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview
broke the internet and for all the wrong reasons! The social reactions,
especially the top 26 viral memes that we’ve provided, were honestly wild!
There were celebrity reactions, like Christie D’Zurilla.

Anyway, what were your thoughts
when you finally watched Oprah Winfrey’s highly anticipated interview. Let us
know in the comment section below.





Updated March 10, 2021
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