Only the Young: Taylor Swift Lets Biden Use Her Song for Their 2020 Campaign

  • POSTED ON: November 2, 2020

From being a nonpartisan and apolitical celebrity to being an open advocate of human rights and progressive ideas, Taylor Swift has come a long way! She has been actively campaigning against Trump and using all her power to get him out of the office.

After writing numerous open letters and urging fans to vote, Taylor Swift has now lent her song “Only the Young” to the Biden campaign; it is being used for an ad that not only condemns the Trump administration, but it runs for nearly 2 minutes in support of the Black Lives Matter protests, LGBTQ+ rights, and other social movements.

"Up there's the finish line. Our future is worth our fight. Thank you, @taylorswift13, for voicing what #OnlyTheYoung can do. Let’s run!" – tweeted Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell along with the ad, which was created by his political-action committee Remedy PAC.

You’re bound to feel strongly in favor of the ad once the images women’s march, children separated from parents, police brutality, and pride march, etc. start pouring in. The ad ends on a hopeful note and shows how young people can come together and vote in the right and capable administration.

The song, of course, was the first part of Taylor Swift’s documentary Miss Americana that shows her shift from an apolitical figure to an outright political public figure.


Updated November 2, 2020
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