‘Night Stalker’ The Hunt for a Serial Killer: Stream It or Skip It?

  • POSTED ON: 12/Jan/2021

How do you feel when you found that there is a notorious killer on the loose? Helpless? Terrified? Well, same was the feeling of the people in Los Angeles as the Night Stalker went on a killing-spree in 1985! There is a feeling of helplessness knowing that serial killer is lurking on the streets who pick his victims at random who lives and who dies; it must be extremely horrifying to live in the city!

Netflix steps into the most spine-chilling cases of serial murders with the latest docu-series Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer. Told from the investigators' perspective, the series will certainly keep you in its hold from the opening credits to the final sequences.

A veteran homicide detective along with his young and curious-minded partner race against time to arrest a notorious killer responsible for a series of seemingly unrelated murders and sexual assaults in 1985 in the city of Los Angeles.

The series is satisfyingly frustrating, as it treats the viewers the same way as the investigators were treated by this monster: exasperatingly!

Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial killer is no different than any other true-crime limited documentaries. It consists of the same spooky opening credits, sequences involving grainy videos of the era in question, recorded video/audios of the killer, interviews of the investigators, creepy re-enactment of the crime scene, and the interviews of the survivors and the family members of the victims.

The Netflix’s docu-series “Night Stalker” begins with slightly blurred footage from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, where a young detective named Gil Carrillo announcing in a tense tone, “The Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating a series of homicides and sexual assaults in Los Angeles County. The suspect has used guns, knives, tire irons, handcuffs, thumb cuffs….”

Followed by some introductory footages from the mid-1980s from Los Angeles, including a visit from the Pope, images of some prominent celebrities, the Olympic Games etc… Viewers then see a montage of news footages recounting the terrifying killings of a murderer named “The Night Stalker,” along with some images of law-enforcers carrying bodies covered in white sheets from the crime scene and the distressed woman speaking in the background, “I don’t understand why someone can’t identify him, he has to live somewhere, somebody must know, he’s a weird-looking character, somebody has to know him!”

Despite knowing the ending of this series, this limited crime drama masterfully reflects the same race-against-time situation of the detectives following the trail of a notorious killer leaving behind bodies in Los Angeles in 1985.

Originally dubbed as “The Valley Intruder” or “The Walk-In-Killer” by media, this bad guy terrorizing the city of Los Angeles came to be known as “The Night Stalker.” He was regarded as the most notorious killer of that time because he chose his victims randomly. Usually, serial killers have a specific taste in terms of their victims. But “The Night Stalker” followed no pattern, which made him different and incredibly difficult for the detectives to arrest him.

The series keeps us on edge till the final episode where a psychopath with weird piercing, rotted teeth was revealed to us as a killer. After a combined effort of exhausting police investigation from various departments, Richard Ramirez is finally uncovered as the Night Stalker and his pictures were published in the newspaper in California.

“The Night Stalker” follows the adrenaline-charged trial of serial killer Richard Ramirez, with a bunch of curious-minded people, desperate media personnel and other sickos swarmed outside the courthouse to see the glimpse of the killer. Richard Ramirez found guilty of is a crime and hence the justice prevails…

While serving Death Row for 23 years, the Night Stalker died of cancer in 2013. He was 53 years old.

Our Call: Stream It! Peppered with compelling storytelling techniques and thrilling material, The Night Stalker: The Hunt Of The Serial Killer is an addictive albeit and a buzz-worthy binge-watching material that bound to keep you on the edge of your seat till the final sequences…

The trailer for Night Stalker is released but the show is slated to release on Netflix on 13th January 2020. To learn more about Netflix’s upcoming content, like our Facebook page.

Check out the trailer for Netflix’s Night Stalker here:

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