Nicole Power: Everything about her husband, child, marriage, Instagram, height, net worth and Kim’s Convenience Journey!

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Nicole Power is a Canadian theater and TV actress, who rose to fame after starring in CBC popular “Kim’s Convenience.”

Those of you who haven’t watched Kim’s Convenience, it is a Canadian sitcom running on CBC for five seasons. The show’s fifth and final season began airing on January 19. The Canadian sitcom garnered most of its viewership after being added to Netflix’s library. All of its four seasons are available on Netflix to stream in the United States – the fifth one is only on CBC currently.

Along with Nicole Power, the show stars Andrea Bang, Simu Liue and Paul Sun-Hyn Lee as the Korean Canadian family, who operates a convenience store in Toronto.

Nicole Power plays a character named Shannon Ross, a 26 year old manager of Handy Car Rental. Initially, she has a crush on Jung, and often acts weird and awkward in his presence. A couple of seasons go by with sexual tension between them, then they finally get into a relationship, after she breaks up with Alejandro – who cheated on her multiple times. Shannon and Jung aren’t like a normal couple, mostly because she is his boss at Handy.

If you love her character in the popular Canadian show and are seeking for more details, you have come to the right place!

Here’s everything you need to know about Nicole Power, her husband, child, marriage, height, and net worth:

After graduating from Sheridan College, Power stated working in theatres. She got her first major breakthrough in 2016 as Shannon Ross in CBC’s Kim’s Convenience.

Even though she may not have appeared in many TV productions, she is still considered a highly talented actor because of her outclass performance in the CBC show.

Age and Height

Nicole Power on Twitter: "Tonight is the last episode of @KimsConvenience  season 3!! Love all these peeps and can't wait to go back to work in a  month. 😭💙 #kimsconvenience #okseeyou…"

Born on November 24, 1989, Nicole Power was born and raised in Middle Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The 31-year-old actress is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.


She has one brother named Adam Power, whose photos she shares on her Instagram. There are no details about her parents.

Power graduated from Sheridan’s College with a degree in Musical Theatre in 2010. Later, she got her training form Second City’s conservatory in Toronto. She was also a member of Soul pepper Theatre Academy.

What did Nicole do before her career as an on-screen actress?

Kim's Convenience stars go back to school in St. John's - Thunderbird  Entertainment

The 31-year old initially worked in several stage productions such as West Side Story, Bonnie and Clyde, Legally Blonde, La Cage aux Folles, Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, Evangeline, and The Charlottetown Festival’s production of Anne of Green Gables: The Musical.

When was her TV debut?

Nicole Power - IMDb

In 2016, Power made her TV debut at the age of 27, through her role in Canadian TV sitcom, Kim’s Convenience. She played one of the leading roles, Shannan Ross. For her extraordinary performance as Shannon Ross in Kim’s Convenience, she was nominated twice for Best Supporting Actress in Canadian Screen Awards in 2018 and 2020.

On Monday, the show creators announced that they were concluding the production of the show with Season 5. “Authenticity of storytelling is at the center of the success of ‘Kim’s Convenience.’

At the end of the production of Season 5, our two co-creators confirmed that they were moving on to other projects. Given their departure from the series, we have come to the difficult conclusion that we cannot deliver another season of the same heart and quality that has made the show no special,” the producers announced on Twitter on Monday.

Kim’s Convenience has meant so much to our cast, writers, crew and audience around the world. Despite the restrictions and complications of shooting during the pandemic, Season 5 is our finest season to date. It’s been a privilege and a very great pleasure to work with the ‘Kim’s’ family of gifted writers and performers for the last five years. Thank you to our fans for the love and support you have given this show.”

In addition to Kim’s Convenience, the Canadian actress has got her credits from other projects such as Nocturne Falls (Short movie), Thriller film called “The Toll” starring Jordan Hayes, James McGowan and Max Topplin and Private Eyes (TV series).

How much is Nicole Power’s Net worth?

Nicole Power - Rotten Tomatoes

At the time of this writing, Nicole Power had a net worth of about $1 million. She didn’t disclose any other source of income besides acting, however, she did reveal that she was getting a massive amount of 6-digit salary.

Power has over 35K followers on her Instagram account @nicoleppower. She is an avid Instagram user, and can earn up to $163-$272 per endorsement post, if she signs up for online endorsement.

What is her relationship status?

The 31-year-old actress often shares adorable photos with her longtime lover on Instagram. She has been in a relationship with him for many years. Some media reports suggest that Nicole Power is married.

There is a picture on her account from July 1, 2016, where she is posing with her boyfriend-turned-husband whose name is not known yet. The couple was in bride and groom attire.

Source: Variety

They don’t have any children yet. The couple currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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Updated March 9, 2021
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