Netflix’s ‘Night Stalker’: Revealing Facts vs. Fiction!

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  • POSTED ON: February 8, 2021

Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer documents the terrifying crimes of Richard Ramirez through the perspective of his victims, investigators, reporters, and survivors. His reign of terror over the city of Los Angeles continued from the summer of 1984 till his arrest in the spring of 1986.

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Richard Ramirez was one of the most notorious serial killers and murderous husbands in the American history. Those who have already watched the series would know how vicious this killer was; he used to pick his victims at random regardless of their age and gender. His victims ranged from age 6 to 86.

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The Night Stalker was convicted for 13 murders, 11 sexual assaults, five attempted murders, and 14 burglaries.

Ever since the four-part documentary released on Netflix, true-crime lovers are speculating whether the facts told in the docu-series are true or straight-out fiction?

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After doing some research, we have discovered some revealing facts about his life and crimes. Here’s what we have found:

The documentary doesn’t explain the motivation behind Ramirez’s killing spree:

Netflix’s docu-series Night Stalker spends more time in explaining the nature of his crimes and less in psychoanalyzing the serial killer. We don’t really know why Ramirez picked his victims randomly, he did not only target women but also men of all ages and even children. He didn’t have a certain type!

The truth about Richard’s cousin:

The fourth episode of the docu-series focuses on the killer’s upbringing, revealing that Richard was repeatedly abused by his father. But there wasn’t much discussion about Richard’s cousin, a former military officer, the person who introduced him to the world of brutality.

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He used to share unsettling stories about his service during the Vietnam War, including raping several Vietnamese women. He also taught him some of his military skills, such as killing with Stealth. He also witnessed the murder of his wife by his cousin, which might have potentially inspired him to go on a killing spree.

He developed interest in Satanism through pop culture

In the docu-series, it was revealed that Richard Ramirez was a believer of Satanism. He used to force his victims to swear on Satan, and also flashed a demonic pentagon on his palm during his court trial. Netflix’s Night Stalker fails to portray the 80’s satanic paranoia in America, and instead focuses on conveying the mainstream idea that serial-killers kill because they are evil. 

In the mid-80s, there was a rumor that heavy metal music had its roots from satanic cult. Allegations were raised against a band “Judas Priest” for producing music that inspired children to murder people in late 1985. By that time, Congress also warned citizens about people who had been practicing satanic rituals involving children sacrifices.

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During the same period, an infamous game Dungeons & Dragons was believed to be a source of recruiting evil people. So, Richard Ramirez had a profound understanding of pop culture and was well-aware of what would make him popular in the eyes of the citizens, so he started branding himself as a believer of Satan.

The series only highlights the fact that he was inspired by “evil,” and failed to convey what actually inspired him into adapting such a belief.

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Updated February 8, 2021
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