Naked Alert! A Naturist Couple Is Ready To Pay £2,000 For Removal Services, But The Person Has To Be Naked!

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: September 2, 2020

A naturist couple is on the hunt for a moving professional, with a unique request that involves the individual to be wearing no clothes! 

Yes, you have read that absolutely right!

A naturist couple reached out to a removal site, ‘Shift’, and posted this appeal to see if anyone could help with a “bespoke moving job”, saying in a message that they seek a person with a van to help them move next month.

They will pay ‘the right person’ around £2,000, who will be required to move things NAKED, without any clothes on (not sure about underpants, though!)

The staff at Shift refused to post their request on the website ‘due to operating policies’, however, they accommodated the couple by sharing their appeal on their blog instead.

The blog reads: “Last week we received a request from a naturist couple with a unique request, one that was related to their ideologies and traditions (we’re sure you can see where this is going).”

They have also added the screenshots of the actual conversation with the couple to make the readers believe that they are not lying!

In that conversation, the wife mentioned that they were planning on moving in mid-September because of her husband’s work. She wanted to hire a removal worker to drive them around 50 miles from Reading to London, in a state of NATURE (IYKWIM).

The Naturist couple mentioned that they don’t want to enforce their tradition on someone else but are ready to pay someone £2k for the task. Still, since the mover is required to come inside their house for moving their belongings, they would be more comfortable if the person could abide by the couple’s practices.

The Shift couldn’t process their contract because of the, ahem, unique nature of their appeal, but they offered to help them find the right person for the job through the blog post mentioned above.

They even launched a public appeal to search for removals that fit the couple’s requirements. Shift said that the person should be able to move things around, and have no issues to be completely naked!

The removal site will be sharing all the details of interested moving professionals with the couple, who will be contacting potential candidates directly.

If you find this nudist couple’s job interesting, don’t be hesitant and apply away!

Updated September 2, 2020
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