Mulan Is Releasing On Disney Plus For $30

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 5, 2020

news has long been overdue.

final announcement regarding Disney’s Live-action movie Mulan is here: It will
now release on Disney Plus for $29.99 and it will be available on September 4th.

new plan for the release of Mulan was done after thoughtful consideration of
analysts. This $30 fee will be in addition to the $6.99 subscriber fee for
Disney Plus customers. So, the $30 will simply be the purchasing amount and as
long as the customers are subscribed to Disney Plus they’ll be able to watch it.
This also means that non-subscribers can also watch the movie by paying the
same amount.  

According to Bob Chapek, Disney CEO, it was important to figure out different ways to bring the movie timely.

the movie will be shown on the big screen in countries where Disney Plus is not
accessible, and that too on the same date. This sudden change of plans occurred
once it was announced that
would get a new release date. So far we know that it will be released
in 70 countries internationally from 26
th August. In the US, the movie
will get a limited release starting from September 3

month, Disney had removed it from its release calendar for an indefinite period
and we now know the reason. In addition, Black Widow is set to release on
November 6th whereas The New Mutants will be released in the same
week as Tenet on August 28th.

unfortunate but true that Mulan has seen many ups and downs from the beginning
of its production. First, it was supposed to release on 27th March,
then it got pushed to 24th July, and later it got delayed till late
August. Now with the online platform, we’re hopeful that no changes will occur.

then, why don’t you binge the previous Mulan


Updated August 5, 2020
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