Most Viral Memes Of 2020

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If we go by the
definition of Memes available on Wikipedia, we’d think of them some serious
event in the making. C’mon, do you think of memes as a viral phenomenon that
evolves by natural selection and that too in a manner analogous to that of the
biological evolution? No, right? Seriously, it feels as is a boomer wrote this.

Memes are funny and
relatable and dark. What started off as a joke has transformed into a manner of
communication. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that people use memes to
convey some of their darkest experiences. It’s true that memes have evolved
over the years – from Forever Alone Potato to Presidential debate reaction –
but there’s no way you can compare them to biological evolution and natural

The best thing about
memes is that you don’t have to try too hard to elaborate or explain them. You
can use memes to document your journey, thoughts, and milestones.

In this blog, we’ll be
discussing the most defining memes of 2020. They’re the most viral memes,
funniest meme, and truly the best memes that sum up the year.

Below we’ve mentioned
the most viral memes of 2020 – let’s go down memory lane, shall we?

World War III

January was strange –
the world was at the verge of a third world war while people on social media
were busy sharing memes about it. In retrospect, it literally hinted all the
instability that existed throughout the year. When Trump ordered the
assassination of an Iranian government official, we were all shook. This truly
catalyzed the tension between the two countries and resulted in anxious
er from people around the globe. The result? Hundreds of  laugh out loud memes! What do you think about the first meme of 2020?

Confused Billie Eilish

The Grammy darling and
poster child of Gen Z felt utterly confused during the Oscars this year when
Eminem gave a surprising performance on stage. You could see that the teenager
had never heard his music and despite the attempt to go along with the vibe,
she was just confused and lost.

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In March, everyone was
going out of their mind. People were stealing toilet paper from the grocery
stores and hand sanitizers were experiencing a shortage. Why? Because of the
pandemic! And when the UK-based programmer developed a website that generates a
song of your choice to entertain your hand washing tactics, a new meme was
born. Honestly, we’re living in strange times.

Zoom Memes

By March, people had
gotten over the World War Three and Wash Your Hands memes and they decided to
bring life in their art – and of course, it was about the zoom meetings.  When the world went on lockdown, people
depended heavily on technology and video conferences. Businesses operated this
way and families that were forced apart communicated and bonded in this manner.
And that is how we witnessed the birth of the hilarious zoom memes.

Gossip Girl Title Meme

When the world went on
lockdown, people spent their time bingeing their favorite TV series. Of course,
many people went back to Gossip Girl, and hey, we found another meme. It was
the right amount of dumb which served as the perfect antidote to the
emotionally draining month.

My Plans vs. 2020

And we all laughed over
our “plans” and “resolutions” for 2020 because who would’ve thought that a
pandemic would gatecrash our party? Summer was a pain and all our holiday goals
were halted indefinitely.

AE A-xii FKA X AE A-12

When Elon Musk and
Grimes gave birth to their firstborn, it was truly iconic. Of course, being a royalty
in the tech world, we expected the baby to have a beautiful and unique name.
Unfortunately, his father is Elon Musk and he has a mind of his own. We still
don’t understand how the name is pronounced. We wish the baby well because boy
is going to get bullied all throughout his school life.

This You?

June was emotionally
overwhelming and people all over the world were furious and frustrated. It was
of course triggered by the brutal murder of George Floyd. A lot of voiced
chimed in and tried to make space for light and banter.

Axios Interview

If you’re having a bad
day, we’d urge you to watch this interview. When Trump sat down with Jonathan
Swan for an interview on HBO – intelligence and sensibility went out of the
park. Swan’s reactions to Trump’s antics and replies were simply hilarious.

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Presidential Debate Memes

We can write a
manuscript on how politics is the goldmine for meme content. It’s ridiculous
and endlessly funny. This year’s presidential debate was so outrageous that it
became a punchline for every joke for at least a month. 

Us Memes

Among Us gained immense
popularity during the second half of 2020. It produced a lot of content for
meme generation and exposed the games through YouTube and other avenues.

These were our best
memes of 2020, what were yours? Which meme from 2020 defines the year for you?

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Updated December 18, 2020
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