‘Monarca Season 2’ Review, Stream It or Skip It?

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  • POSTED ON: January 5, 2021

Netflix review!

The lives of billionaires are much more complicated than average earning individuals. Despite having billions in their bank accounts, they are still at each other’s throat to get more, even if they have to go against their own flesh and blood for it!

Well, that’s what has been portrayed in the TV series and movies such as Succession. Now, Netflix’s latest series Monarca is offering a Mexican take on the same concept.

To ring in the New Year, Monarca returns for a much anticipated season 2, after leaving the fans with an interesting cliffhanger in season 1, which was released in 2019. Fans waited an entire year for the second installment of the show and some interesting episode.

Just like season 1, Monarca portrays the same concept of corruption and crime, accusations of family enterprises, as the story relies on power and money hungry characters.

Season 1 left fans with Ana Maria taking charge of the business at her father’s request, season 2 continues to handle the aftermaths of a cover-up and the complications of the business empire under new leadership. The series has a lot of power struggles, battle against crime and goodwill, with a twist of politics that is the highlight of this thrilling story.

As the season progresses, we see Ana Maria get into trouble when her bloodied shirt is used as evidence against her. Monarca features a problematic business empire, set to be ripped away, with family members ready to spoil the accumulated wealth.

Monarca has a number of good performances just like its predecessor, but the most applauded part of this series is its amazing soundtrack. The score is present throughout the series, ripping through some sequences and sneakily catching the viewers completely off guard. 

The Mexican drama series - season 2 features power imbalances between the characters, and the thirst of having a purpose, which is an unspoken thing in a wealthy household.

The story involves filthy rich families, crime and corruption sets a good premise to capture the audiences’ attention. However, the series doesn’t have anything that we haven’t heard, read, or seen before.

The streaming second season of Monarca is OK, but not as mind-blowing as the fans expected.

 Here’s how fans are reacting to the Netflix's Monarca Season 2 streaming on Netflix:

Updated January 5, 2021
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