“Mississippi Queen” Leslie West of Mountain| Fans Pay Tribute to the Unforgettable Legend on His Death at 75!

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  • POSTED ON: December 24, 2020

Remember Mountain- Mississippi Queen? Leslie West Died at 75!

Leslie West, co-founder of the hard rock band Mountain and
widely known for his performance at Woodstock, died on Tuesday at the age of

West was hospitalized after suffering a cardiac arrest at
his home in Florida on Monday.

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The next day, West’s brother informed fans about the musician’s
deteriorating health in a Facebook post, writing that he needs everyone prayers including Jeeni (Leslie’s wife) who is spending time besides him in Florida though his condition is not OK. He thanked Jeeni for being with him and informed that it’s hard that West could make it one more day.

The heavy sound of Mountain band is deemed to have been
crucial in the foundation of hard rock in the 70s, creating an indispensable
link between metal and blue-rock.

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West was considered as one of the greatest rock guitarists
of all time, though he often seemed to underestimate his abilities as a
guitarist. In one interview he said that he doesn’t consider himself a guitarist as he only know how to play with two fingers and i want to still know that why people still remember me. Out of hundred players almost 99 are going to sound the same but the only who plays differently and has something unique to offer will always be remembered. 

Mountain made its debut in 1970 with his album “Climbing!”
The opening song from this album “Mississippi Queen” is still popular in
today’s age! The song was tending at no.21 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in
1970. This song was also used in Guitar
and Rock Bank videogame franchises.

West, Pappalardi, keyboardist Steve Knight and drummer Corky
Laing was among the legendary members of the band that lasted only for two
years. However, they did have a few reunions with a bunch of new members in the
later years.

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West had been going through several health complications. He
had his right leg amputated in 2011 due to the complications from type 2
diabetes. In recent years, West appeared to be almost unrecognizable because of
his drastic weight loss.

talked about his health complications and how he overcame them in several
interviews. At the launch of his solo album “Soundcheck” in 2015, he said that the new album’s first cut is named as ‘Left by the Roadside to Die.’ It is when four years back i lost my leg and felt the same way. However, it is ok to get knocked down as what really matters is how you get up.

“Masters of War” was
the last studio album released under the Mountain name in 2007- it was based on
Bob Dylan covers. West appeared in many live shows under his name till 2019

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His music was also adopted as a rich source of sampling for
the hip-hop and pop community, with the tune “Long Red,” sampled by several pop
artists including ASAP Rocky, Kanye West, The Game, De La Soul and Jay- Z. 

While talking to a media organization once, West said,
“There was something about that song that appealed to rappers. I’ve got
different platinum albums on my walls from all these different guys sampling my

After hearing the news of his death, fans took to social
media to pay tributes to the legendary musician and remembered him by his

West has left behind his wife, Jenni Maurer. The couple tied
the knot onstage at a concert in 2009 heralding the 40th anniversary
of Woodstock.

RIP – Leslie!

Updated December 24, 2020
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