MF Doom| The Hidden Cause of Masked Rapper’s Untimely Death!

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  • POSTED ON: January 1, 2021

Daniel Dumile, widely known for his masked “super
villain” image, passed away on October 31. He was 49 years old. Find out the complete story here!

Why are we revealing it now?

His wife Jasmine Dumile didn’t reveal her husband’s death
until on Thursday, she finally decided to announce and let his fans know about
the sudden passing of rapper MF Doom.

She wrote a heartfelt message on Instagram to her husband,
with the New Year’s revelation that the 49-year-old masked rapper MF Doom died back on October 31, 2020.

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She wrote, “The greatest husband, father, teacher,
student, business partner, lover and friend I could ever ask for. Thank you for
all the things you have shown, taught and given to me, our children and our
family. Thank you for teaching me how to forgive beings and give another
chance, not to be so quick to judge and write off,” she uploaded an
Instagram post on the official MF Doom AKA Daniel Dumile account. “Thank You for showing how
not to be afraid to love and be the best person I could ever be. My world will
never be the same without you.”

MF Doom representative, Richie Abbott also confirmed the
death of the influential rapper. The cause of death hasn’t made public yet.
Though, we have reached to his representatives for further comments on the
sudden passing of the rapper.

Though, the rapper’s death still remains a mystery why his death has been
kept in secrecy for two months. In the Instagram post, his wife also briefly
mentioned the tragic death of the couple’s son, Malachi, who died in 2017.

“Words will never express what you and Malachi mean to
me,” Jasmine said. “I love both and adore you always.”

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The 49-year-old born in London rapper was well-known for his hip albums “Mm…
Food” and his iconic collaboration with Madlib, “Madvillainy.”
He was usually seen wearing a mask in public and onstage – his mask was
inspired by the Marvel comic villain Doctor Doom, which he revealed along with
the release of his 1999 album “Operation: Doomsday.”

While talking to a media organization, he revealed why he preferred
to have a mask on onstage. He said that he wanted people not to think about his
appearance when he’s on stage performing. He said, “I don’t want people
thinking about the normal things people think about like girls being like, Oh
he’s sexy,’ or ‘I don’t want him, he’s ugly,” the rapper said that the
persona’s appearances always bring the first impression, so he wanted to
control his listeners first impression about him by throwing a mask on.

The sudden passing of the rapper came as a shock in the hip
hop world. Shortly after his death’s news made public, several artists offer
their condolences and tributes to Daniel’s life and music. Rapper Q-Tip offered
his condolences on Twitter, writing, “RIP to another Giant your favorite
MC’s MC… MF DOOM!! Crushing news….”

Rapper ScHoolboy Q posted, “Damn. NOT DOOM HOMIE.”

Just in March, when the government has enforced lockdown
across the country, MF Doom tweeted to suggest fans to follow COVID-19
precautionary protocols thoroughly. “DOOM STAY IN QUARANTINE” he also
wrote on his Instagram account.

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2020 has been a tragic year for the rapping world, as more
than a dozen talented artists have lost their lives in just a year! Sadly, MF
Doom is the recent artist joining the list.

Updated January 1, 2021
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