Love Alarm Webtoon| How To Get The ‘Love Alarm’ App By Cheon KyeYoung

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  • POSTED ON: March 12, 2021

Fans of Netflix’s “Love Alarm,’ we have some interesting news to tell!

So, you’re aware of that app in the show that lets you know who’s in love with you in your vicinity, right? But do you know that this app actually exists in reality?

Yes! And we are not even kidding!

Those of you who have watched the entire season of “Love Alarm” would know how cool this app is! With this app, characters get to know who likes them within 10 meters around.

Of course, this is something we all actually desire in reality. Honestly, this whole confession thing sucks! Being able to express your feeling and all things that go inside your heart for someone is pretty ballsy. It is like a win-or-bust situation, either you win their heart or yours get busted for eternity.

Besides, this whole dating process is quite exhausting! Like, sometimes we don’t have the time to swipe through tinder, going on a fancy date, another date, more dates and let’s not forget the horrifying family meet up. We mean, yes, OKAY, we sure want to have our own adorable family, but why does it come at the expense of your time and money?

Okay, this doesn’t make any sense but you got the point, right?

But an app like “Love Alarm” makes this entire process easy-peasy! It alerts you whenever you get closer to your significant other. And, the best part is, you don’t need to get into awkward confession stuff when this digital app does the work for you. What more do you want?

So, long story short, this app actually exists and you can download it in your smartphone.

But there is one problem! Since it’s a fiction app, it does not work entirely the same way as shown in the Netflix Original.

Yeah, we know, what’s the point then?

The original “love Alarm” app is created from the story by Cheon KyeYoung, the author of the webtoon series “Love Alarm.” Technically, it does not help you find your loved one, but it’s good to feel connected with the events of our favorite webtoon and Netflix drama.

The description of this app reads, “Love Alarm is the official mobile application that is intended to give users many chances to win special events and get many ‘Hearts.’

The design of the application is similar to the one used in the Netflix Original series but it is not about finding your ‘significant others.’ SORRY!”

So, what exactly does this application do then?

Well, you can collect ‘Heart’ points to win an invite for promotional events related to “Love Alarm” webtoon and Netflix series. With this application, you can get updates about the original webtoon series, such as when will it launch, price, etc.

As of now, this application is only accessible for Korean users, but the developers are planning to expand it to other regions too. So, don’t be disheartened!

Android users can download this application from the play store. Sorry, iPhone users, they don’t have its ISO version yet. May be there will be one in the near future, so don’t lose the hope. The app is turning out to be a major success, as it currently has over 100,000 users.

In case you don’t know, “Love Alarm” is a rom-com series that features a world in which an app alerts people if anyone in their surrounding likes them. High school girl, Kim Jojo uses this app and finds herself getting caught up between two young boys. The show stars Song Kang, Kim So-Hyun, Jung Ga-rum and Go Min-si.

Just by the way, the second season of Love Alarm is currently streaming on Netflix. Go, watch it before anyone spoils it for you!

First check its trailer below:

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Updated March 12, 2021
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