Loners and Introverts will save the world

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  • POSTED ON: April 4, 2020

I always knew my antisocial personality will save me from the doom one day!

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According to this new study published by Princeton, Loners and introverts will save the world. But look, tell us something we don’t know about.

A couple of researchers from Princeton have discovered through an empirical study that loners serve as evolutionary insurance plans. Conceptually defined as “individuals out of sync with a coordinated majority,” loners are the ticket to human survival. For example, if a pandemic like Coronavirus was to impact us, introverts are more likely to stay at home and wait till the vaccines become accessible. This ensures their survival rate up to 100% and makes them less vulnerable in a herd.

The study was, of course, conducted on animals. However, we’ve all witnessed how comparative studies have given effective solutions to human problems and enabled us to understand human species better.

You can find loners all across the animal kingdom. Many mammals ditch group migrations and choose to travel alone. As a matter of fact, loners are also found commonly in the plant kingdom.

“Now that we’re starting to look for it, we realize that a whole lot of systems are not perfectly synchronized. We call them misfits or geniuses, contrarians or visionaries, very much depending on how the rest of the society feels about their behavior.” – said Corina Tarnita, an associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Princeton.

Loners are unpredictable, which is why they’ve been inspected by researchers for so long. Their unique existence and mannerisms make them a strong contender of survival.

Updated April 4, 2020
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