Lady Gaga offers $500,000 Reward for Finding her Stolen Dogs

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  • POSTED ON: February 26, 2021

For Gaga, nothing is greater than the love of dogs!

A Star is Born actress and Grammy-award winning singer, Lady Gaga is offering a whopping $500,000 reward to whoever finds her kidnapped dogs.

Earlier, her French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, were kidnapped in a violent altercation in Los Angeles, which left the singer’s dog walker fighting for his life.

Police officers have officially confirmed that two French bulldogs have been taken on gun point from a 30-year-old man on Sierra Bonita Avenue in Hollywood Wednesday night.

The third dog, Miss Asia, managed to escape and was recovered by police.

The dog walker, however, resisted the kidnap and got shot in the process by an unknown man believed to be carrying a semiautomatic handgun. A footage captured by ABC news showed the victim cradling the dog – believed to be Miss Asia – as he received emergency treatment on the pavement.

The video shows another man taking Miss Asia from the victim’s arms to console it. After escaping, Miss Asia was taken to LAPD’s headquarters where she was retrieved by the singer’s bodyguard.

Gaga was in Rome filming a movie when the dogs were stolen. The worried mommy hasn’t make any public statement yet, but she did announce a $500,000 reward to “anyone who has her two dogs, no questions asked.”

A source close to the singer said that she was urging anyone who has the dogs in their captivity to contact [email protected] and return her pets to claim the reward. They will not be persuaded for any investigation, she announced.

According to latest reports, the victim is now doing fine after previously being declared as critical. It’s not confirmed yet if the dog walker was targeted because of his celebrity employer.

On Thursday, the police released a surveillance footage that is said to be recorded by a neighbor’s security camera, which shows the 30-year-old being attacked. In the video, the man was bleeding out on the pavement while pleading for help.

The police is chasing the suspect (described as a Black man between 20 and 25 years old, wearing a black hoodie with blonde dreadlocks). He fled the scene in a white vehicle.

Fans of the singer are now praying for the safe return of her dogs.

Gaga is super protective of her dogs and— like any other dog owner— she, too, wants her kids to safely return home.

We understand her concern, but what about the person who got shot while protecting her beloved dogs? He’s the real MVP! As of now, we haven’t heard any reports about the singer checking up on her injured dog walker. Well, it’s too early to judge or say anything.

We sincerely hope for the fast recovery of the dog walker and safe return of Koji and Gustav.

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Updated February 26, 2021
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