Kim Kardashian’s Tone Deaf Birthday Post Is Now the Ultimate Meme

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: October 29, 2020

Global pandemic or not,
Kim Kardashian is celebrating her 40th birthday on a private island
and then rubbing it in other people’s face because she is “grateful” and “humble”
like that.

By now, the whole world
knows that little Ms. Kimmy turned 40 this week, and bible she had to start the
new decade with a banging meme.



Basically, Kim posted a
long birthday post on Twitter which was unnecessary and tone deaf to the
highest degree. She talked about how “privileged” she is to be able to
celebrate this time with her close circle and pretended that things were

The post was met with a
lot of criticism, because the world is not okay. Everyday people are dying,
there’s tension in the air because of the election, and the economy has never
been worse. 

Harper’s Bazaar


Really Went Off In Her Replies

And truer words have never been spoken…

Obviously, people’s sentiments were hurt, but we did get a bunch of memes to light up the mood as always. 

Updated October 29, 2020
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