Kanye West Has FINALLY Dropped His New Album With Mixed Reviews

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  • POSTED ON: November 1, 2019

All hail King West.

After a long delay, missed deadlines, and several cryptic messages, Kanye West’s highly anticipated album “Jesus Is King’ got released this Friday. Due to its Gospel theme and overly religious approach, Jesus is King has received positive to mixed reactions from the hip hop fans around the globe.

The fans are divided mainly because the roots and composition of the entire album is excessively Christian. However, if you judge solely from the music’s perspective, this album is nothing less than a masterpiece. Moreover, nobody was truly surprised to find out that Kanye dedicated the entire album to Gospel as he’s been speaking quite openly about being religious for quite some time now.

Jesus is King, is Kanye’s 9th studio album and a follow up of his previous album titled “ye”. The wonderful news is that this one has already surpassed the sales of his last album. From the album ranking number one on display in the Apple music chart to his single Follow God leading all the streaming services, it is safe to predict that the musician is back.

•    Every Hour:
This is the only track on the album that doesn’t have Kanye leading the vocals. The song exclusively emphasises on the significance of the Lord Almighty in every passing moment of the day.

•    Selah:
Continuing the biblical theme of the album, this song focuses on the word Selah, a word that is repeated 71 times in the book of Psalm. According to Kanye’s interpretations, this word means “to look back and reflect upon”.

•    Follow God:
This song is receiving a lot of attention from the fans as indicated by the music charts. It has an extremely soulful melody and gives a warm feeling. Here Kanye discusses the obstacles he faces in following the path of God. He further enunciates that these hurdles are also created by God to test him.

•    Everything We Need:

Kanye collaborates with Ant Clemons and Ty Dolla $ign on this track. Again, in this song, Kanye metaphorically discusses how humans need to cultivate virtues of perseverance to face hardships. Moreover, he believes that life is a journey of self-discovery and every person has a different path that leads to one final destination. It was previously titled The Storm.

•    Water:
The word water is used as a metaphor to describe the themes of purity in religion. Once again, Kanye collaborates with Ant Clemons to explain the power of Baptism, a common but potent ritual in the Judeo-Christian faiths.

Below are some of the reactions from his fans.

All in all the album has been applauded and appreciated by Kanye fans. What about you? Have you heard it yet?

Updated November 1, 2019
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