John Krasinski is Back With Amazing Vlogs

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  • POSTED ON: March 31, 2020

The Office US fans will now have something to look forward to during quarantine as their favorite Jim Halpert has returned to the screens with something refreshing. John Krasinski, the actor who played Jim has brought back the setup of talking in the camera but this time he would be uploading it on his new Youtube Channel.

Source: Youtube

The recordings would feature good news from all around the world during these times of despair when people are close to losing hope. So, Krasinski will share positive success stories for everyone stuck in quarantine to keep their morale high with entertainment.

The incidents would revolve around the support that the citizens have shown for the healthcare workers by applauding and cheering on their efforts from the windows. People who are helping others out by delivering groceries and gifts to their doorsteps would also be featured.

One notable incident shared by Krasinski was the one where a man bought 100 lobsters in Maine from a local fisherman because he was unable to sell the stock due to partial lockdowns. The video was super adorable and Krasinski’s story-telling skills are amazing.

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“I’m John Krasinski, and if it isn’t clear yet, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing,” he says. If you are still not excited about the series, then you should know that Krasinski was also joined by his The Office co-star Steve Carell and they both reminisced about the show and their favorite scenes.

Source: News 18

Towards the end of the first vlog, Krassnksi invites a teenager who was welcomed by her friends in a socially distanced party after successfully beating cancer through chemotherapy. Courtney “Coco” Johnson was excited to talk to Krasinski who told her, “I wrote to your mom and told her that I cried for a very long time after watching that, just pure joy. You guys rock for sharing that with the rest of the world.”

A lot of celebrities and comedians including Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert are keeping the spirits high by uploading clips of their regular shows from the safety of their homes.  

What makes Krasinski’s show different is that it does not have any high-tech setup. The logo in the background is made by his daughters and no visible microphone is present for him to speak into, which makes the vlog all the more interesting.

Even though none of the content is sponsored, his vlog soon became popular and gained over 3.1 million views, making it to most trending videos on Youtube. So if you still haven’t watched it, go and give it a try and we promise you would not be disappointed.

Updated March 31, 2020
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