James Corden Doesn’t Drive in Carpool Karaoke?

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  • POSTED ON: February 4, 2020

My whole life has been a lie…

This was the reaction of many fans when they found out that James Corden’s popular late-night show segment, Carpool Karaoke is a scam because he doesn’t drive the car himself.

The news broke out when an observant passer-by shared the video of the car being towed away with James and Justin Bieber casually lounging in the car, talking and singing songs. The recording went viral, eliciting all sorts of reactions from fans.

With so many tricks that Hollywood has up its sleeve, are we even surprised? You can watch the full video here:


Source: The Drive

Many people in the comments section of Carpool Karaoke videos often pointed out how James wasn’t driving but still some fans are disappointed and think that they have been deceived. But others were disappointed in the people who didn’t already know this fact and called them out…quite harshly.

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He does make a fair point, though!

Some people don’t care about the revelation and have more important matters at hand.

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Have you seen the recent trailer of Miss Americana? If not, then go check and you’ll understand the feelings of this particular user.

One user threw shade at people for making a big deal out of it.

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Ouch! Well, they should realize that not everyone is observant and with the implied driving, it was natural for all the innocent fans to believe it.

However, one fan came to the rescue and defended Corden by saying that they met him when he was driving with One Direction. The posted the picture as proof, only for some other fans to confirm that they too have seen Corden drive around with celebrities in Los Angeles. 

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So then what is this dilemma? Turns out that both the fans are right and usually James is the one driving but due to safety reasons, sometimes, his car is towed by another vehicle.

“James always drives during ‘Carpool Karaoke.’ However, on the rare occasion when there is a stunt component and the producers feel it is unsafe to drive, we will use a rig (tow),”
said the spokesperson of the Late Night Show hosted by Corden.

Phew, that’s a relief but now we are not going to believe any other Hollywood stunt until they serve us cold hard facts!

Updated February 4, 2020
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