Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Welcome Their Sixth Child Together

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  • POSTED ON: March 2, 2021

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin have become parents for the sixth time!

Only a few months after welcoming their fifth child, the couple has expanded their family as they welcome another member. The proud mother shared a beautiful picture on her Instagram on Monday morning, and we couldn’t help but notice another gorgeous addition.

Baldwin, 37, can be seen cradling her 6 month old son Eduardo’s head while looking at another baby next to him. The rest of her children can also be seen in the picture, posing for the camera while their father took the shot.

The mother of six didn’t give much background but simply wrote “7” in the caption and dropped a heart next to it. The 37-year-old mother gave birth to Eduardo in September, and that’s exactly why we’re wondering if they adopted the new bundle of joy. The yoga instructor has disabled the comments but it seems like the people are interested and wondering the same because in only one hour and the post has gotten over 15K likes! 

The adoring mother – wanting to make it clear – posted the same picture in her stories and asked how many babies do you see? She also started a poll with two answers: six and five.

Our sources reached out to the happy couple but the family declined to make any comments.

The name and gender of the baby is yet to be announced but we feel that the baby just might be a girl, as it can be seen wearing a pink outfit (damn these stereotypes!).

Right before the couple gave birth to their last son, Eduardo, Baldwin shared that she had experienced two miscarriages. Ever since the birth of her daughter Carmen, Baldwin has tried to give her a sister. But as fate would have it, her next birth was to a baby boy. So it makes sense if she felt the need to adopt the little girl.

Apart from Eduardo and Carmen, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have three other biological children: Rafael, Leonardo, and Romeo.

Back in October, Baldwin got into a controversy when she opened up about her postpartum body. She posted a video of herself in a bathroom mirror, wearing a long sleeved top and lacy underwear. While there were several people who complimented her body, many people complained and asked her to remove the post as it might trigger other women who’ve been struggling with weight after giving birth.

Baldwin didn’t hold back and got offended. She said that she has always shared body positive posts on her social media. However, she argued that having empathy doesn’t mean that one can’t be oneself. She said that she’s the biggest cheerleader for body positivity,but that includes bodies of all sizes. She asked if she should hide her body and feel ashamed of looking a certain way.  Her argument does makes sense, if you think about it.

There was another controversy regarding her heritage not too long ago, after which she took a five month hiatus from social media. It really can take a toll on you, man!

Basically, people accused her of faking her Spanish accent because she was born and raised in United States. In February, she made a comeback on social media and cleared the air. She revealed that her parents raised her with two cultures – American and Spanish— and she feels a sense of belonging in both.Then she also apologized and said that she should’ve been clearer.

Let’s just not discuss the negative news anymore because they just had their sixth child together and its a happy time for the couple.

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As the American author, Hilaria Baldwin, and Alec Baldwin welcome their sixth child, we hope that the criticism that comes their way stops. The new baby is a reason to rejoice and let’s just give them that!


Updated March 2, 2021
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