Here’s How to Attend Prince Philip’s Funeral during Covid

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  • POSTED ON: April 12, 2021

Prince Philip, husband of Queen
Elizabeth II, father of Prince Charles, and grandfather of Prince William and
Prince Harry passed away at the age of 99 on Friday, 9th of April.
Since Britain is still in observing national lockdowns, it seems like there
will be no state funeral held for him.

Buckingham Palace has revealed
that Prince Philip died a peaceful death and that he had already received the
coronavirus vaccine earlier this year along with Your Majesty the Queen.

The news of his death has come
at a rather unfortunate time, as the UK is still grappling with the pandemic.
Due to this reason, citizens have several questions: Is there going to be a
state funeral? What would the social distancing measures look like? When so
many families in the UK are unable to hold funerals and mourn the loss of their
loved ones, will the country’s most privileged family be able to hold a funeral
of one of their own?

No official statements have
been made yet, but reports claim that the palace will confirm the arrangements
by Saturday morning. As of now, we believe that the ceremony will not be a
state funeral and that he will lie at rest in Windsor Castle. It has been
revealed that His Royal Highness will be given the farewell in St. George’s

funeral arrangements have been revised in view of the prevailing circumstances
arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and it is regretfully requested that members
of the public do not attempt to attend or participate in any of the events that
make up the funeral

As many of you would already
know, Prince Phillip was hospitalized in February due to heart problems but got
discharged last month. The hospitalization had nothing to do with the
coronavirus, since it was confirmed by the Palace.

Of course, the privilege of
being the most powerful people in the UK didn’t save them from the coronavirus.
Last year, Prince Charles, the Queen, and Prince William tested positive for

Queen has been encouraging people to get vaccinated, as she believes that it
will help people at least feel protected from this monstrous virus.      

Britain has been under lockdown
for quite some time, and so most of the outdoor spaces have been closed. But
with the vaccine now in place, we’ve been told that the lockdown rules are now
being lifted from Monday. Hence, outdoor spaces like pubs and restaurants will
reopen along with nonessential shops, gyms, and hair salons!

It’s been reported that the UK has
lost 150,000 lives to coronavirus!

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
has given a brief tribute to Prince Philip along with other members of the
parliament. He praised how he supported the Queen all his life and that he
earned immense affection and applause from generations in the United Kingdom
and from across the world!

“He was
the longest-serving consort in history and one of the last surviving people in
this country to have served in the Second World War.”
– He
said in the official statement.

He further added details about
his hobbies that included horse-riding.

He said: “Like the expert carriage driver that he was, he helped to steer the
royal family and the monarchy so that it remains an institution indisputably
vital to the balance and happiness of our national life.”

As per norm, there will be a
brief period of mourning after the death of a royal, and so the media
appearances and ministerial statements will be limited. Basically, you’ll only
be receiving statements regarding the pandemic and matters that require urgent
addressing for some time.

Queen Elizabeth is currently
spending time isolating in her residence at Windsor Castle which is just
outside London. She is mourning the loss of her husband meanwhile thousands
have gathered outside the gates of the Buckingham Palace.

These people have come to leave
flowers and take pictures and show respect to the dead member of the Royal
family – they can imagine how hard this time might be for them!

On the other hand, to
demonstrate vigilance and social distancing, the Palace has rightfully
requested fans to not leave flowers at the gate.

Anyway, we can all see how
tough this time must be for the fans of the Royal family. Do like our page to
get constant updates and to know if Harry and Meghan would be making an
appearance to bid farewell to the great-grandfather!


Updated April 12, 2021
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