Headspace Guide to Meditation Netflix| Stream it or Skip it?

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  • POSTED ON: January 1, 2021

The phrase ‘Netflix and Chill’ is about to
have a whole new meaning with the release of the streaming platform’s very own
meditation show, called Headspace Guide to Meditation.

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The documentary series couldn’t have been
coming at a better time. The pandemic has locked all of us inside our homes and
the uncertainties of the current time are making us go all crazy. The best way
to take back control and bring a sense of inner peace to our minds and bodies
is to destress by taking up the practice of meditation.

What is Headspace?

The series by Netflix and made in
partnership with Headspace, which is an application that people how to take on meditation
practice. The purpose of the program is to help users stress less, improve
concentration and focus, and sleep better. The application teaches people
mindful skills every day in just a few minutes. It’s simple and easy to use.

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About Headspace Guide to Meditation

The trailer to the documentary series looks
promising. If you’ve used Headspace before then you’ll recognize the voice of
Andy Puddicombe right off the bat. He’s the co-founder of Headspace and has
also done the voice-over for the series.

The Netflix series is to be released on
January 1st and is based on eight episodes, that’ll run for 20
minutes each. The show will help viewers understand the benefits of the
practice of meditation and provide them a guide so they can start it on their

Who Can Watch It?

Judging from the trailer, we believe that the
Headspace Guide to Meditation is going to be extremely beneficial for folks
looking to learn mindfulness techniques that will help them focus on things
like sleep and stress. We mean, just look at the little yellow blob creature in
the trailer, it looks so calm and chill. The fact that the series will be
subtitled and dubbed in 30 different languages also widens its viewership.
Moreover, anyone who loves to watch animations with catchy music can also tune

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Stream It or Skip It?

To answer the tricky question of whether
you should stream the show or skip it. We say stream it! Here’s why.

Meditation and the practice of mindfulness
help everyone equally, be it adolescents, adults, or older people. It helps us
achieve a state of relaxation and peace by guiding us on the complicated
process of focusing our attention and working through the jumbled thoughts in
our minds.

Moreover, Meditation helps us improve our
physical and mental well-being by reducing negative emotions, increasing our
sense of self-awareness, increasing our level of patience, and lastly by
improving our imagination and creativity.

Not only this, but research suggests
that meditation can help reduce and manage the symptoms of serious health
conditions in people including asthma, anxiety, heart disease, high blood
pressure, depression, chronic pain, and much more. When there are so many
benefits of this practice, we say that there’s no harm in trying to adopt it
and making it an important part of our lives.

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By watching Headspace Guide to Meditation Netflix, which
we expect would be one of the best Netflix meditation shows ever, you can learn
the most effective techniques of mindfulness. The soothing voice of Puddicombe
will guide you on the different strategies and tools behind meditation such as
breathing exercises, body scans, poses, and more. All you have to do is listen,
watch, and follow.

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Updated January 1, 2021
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