Grey’s Anatomy: April Kepner is back as Sarah Drew Agrees to do a Guest Appearance

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  • POSTED ON: March 15, 2021

might argue that Grey’s Anatomy has lost its charm, but there is still a large
number of faithful fanbase that tunes in every Thursday night to catch the
latest episode. The mid season premiere was just the same – fans were excited
to see their favorite doctors back on screen. And little did they know that
they would be watching one of their most beloved doctors for the last time.

come to that later, but let’s look at the bright side for once – we know how
rare that is for Grey’s Anatomy fans.

all know that Grey Sloan Memorial hospital has been covered with darkness, all
thanks to the pandemic. Hence, the struggling doctors have decided to push
aside personal differences and get together to fight this enormous problem at

mid season finale was a heavy one; the episode had ended with Meredith on a
ventilator, fighting for her life. So naturally, fans were mostly concerned
about her health when they returned for the mid season premiere. They were
quickly taken off, as they discovered that Andrew Deluca got stabbed to death –
this was honestly a low blow from the makers, because it took the audiences
some time to connect with a character that was comparatively new to the cast
and they took him away so brutally.

have seen many ups and downs in the history of Grey’s Anatomy and, some might
come at us for the comparison, but the death of Deluca feels the same as the
death of McDreamy and O’Malley.

us out – all three of these deaths were sudden and unexpected. They were all
traumatic, but these men died a noble death. They all had a purpose and a pure
intention. McDreamy died saving a helpless kid and his mother, O’Malley died by
saving a heartbroken stranger on the street, and now Deluca faced a similar end
while he was trying to stop a sex trafficker.

back to the bright side – it’s easy to get carried away because we’re still not
over the death of Dr. Andrew Deluca, but we’re going to try harder this time to
stick with the positive news.

so we’re just going to drop the ball – Sarah Drew has given a nod to return to
Grey’s Anatomy. She will be reprising a fan-favorite character on the upcoming
episode. Hence, after the unexpected yet delightful return of Patrick Dempsey
and T. R. Knight, we’re happy to announce that Sarah Drew is also making a
comeback. Although it’s just a guest appearance, we’re just happy that these
wonderful characters are coming back.

all remember how cheated fans felt when Dr. April Kepner, played by Sarah Drew,
was made to exit the show. In her last season, she was seen struggling with her
faith in God – a storyline that struck a chord with many fans across the globe.

the seasons, it was April Kepner who maintained her calm in chaotic situations
due to her faith. In fact, some characters even made fun of her strong
connection with religion. And when things went south for her and she suffered
tremendous loss, her internal struggle was spectacular to witness.

we have to admit that Sarah Drew did a fantastic job – but that moment was short-lived
as her character was made to quit the series. Writers came to their defense
because fans attacked them for being unreasonably stupid – they’ve actually not
been successful in gaining the trust of fans ever since. In fact, they made
another mistake in the next season, when they abruptly cut off Alex’s

hey! This is a time for celebration, because Sarah Drew is back! Last fall, we
saw Patrick Dempsey and T. R. Knight reprising their roles in a dream sequence.
We saw them giving advice and helping Meredith through a difficult time.  We’ve got to admit that all actors look
incredible on the beach – it almost feels like they never left the show.

far as Sarah Drew is concerned, writers have revealed that her character, April
Kepner, will be checking into Grey Sloan next week. April shares a daughter
with Jackson Avery on the show, and we feel that she might be returning to
control the damage – you know, calm the furious fans… the ones mourning the
death of Andrew Deluca. These writers are really smart, we’re telling you!

Krista Vernoff teased the fans by saying that, “chances are good you’ll see other people on the beach.”

recently, you can see Sarah Drew in a recurring role on Freeform’s Cruel
Summer. She was last seen in Sony’s Mon’s Night Out. Anyway, we just pray that
we don’t get to see any more deaths on the show – that’s highly unlikely but
let’s not lose hope.

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Updated March 15, 2021
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