Good Friday 2021| 13 Incredible Ways to Celebrate it with Friends and Family during Quarantine!

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  • POSTED ON: March 22, 2021

Good Friday is known as the day you reflect on all the bad deeds and feel the guilt. It’s the day for introspection so that you can come up with strategies to overcome your weaknesses and do better. This day is right before Easter, the day Jesus came to Jerusalem, marking it as a happy event.

Therefore, it’s important for us to sit with the hard truths of our lives and acknowledge them.  Instead of succumbing to the hatred and darkness inside us, Good Friday is supposed to be the day we come to terms with our bitter realities and find a way to rectify and compensate for those mistakes. 

Just because it’s a significant day in the Christian calendar doesn’t mean that you can’t make it light and family-oriented. Here are 13 incredible ways for you to celebrate Good Friday with friends and family during quarantine:

Good Friday Grief

The day is to acknowledge and burn all the sadness and anxiety within us and expel it from our system. Therefore, you should spend your time expressing the feelings that are buried deep within you. Paint, journal your thoughts, or just have a conversation with a person you’re close to. You can also go to church and repent to God and express whatever that’s bothering you.

Celebrate With Neighbors

You can get together with your friends and invite them for an Easter that abides by social distancing protocols. You can go for a single-serve and properly sanitized food (driveway style). Along with the food, you can write customized letters or a simple prayer card. This can lift up the community spirit and make everyone feel loved, appreciated, and welcomed.

Family Sunrise Service

There are many reasons that come to your mind when you come to think of attending the regular Sunday service at the church. But none of those should work here – the day is that special. It doesn’t matter whether or not you wake up early. You must attend the service on this special day, ask people to share a verse or two, and make it all fun by adding choir singers.

Sidewalk Chalk Celebration

A lot of countries celebrate a tradition called El Salvador and Guatemala, where they share colorful and detailed designs for Easter. You can write messages for Easter or whatever that you think might cheer others on the sidewalk.

Go Fly a Kite – Haitian-style

Kite flying has been a tradition for so long – at least in the Caribbean countries. People basically fly kites and that is used as a symbol of resurrection of Jesus. You should check pictures of the event, it’s honestly so beautiful to witness! You can fly kites even on Good Friday, just to process your thoughts and everything.

Easter Rock Hunt

Do you like hard-boiled eggs? Look, this activity is going to be a great one because you will save a trip to the grocery store. You can go to the neighborhood and find egg-shaped rocks. It’s a fun activity that you can enjoy with family and friends, especially kids!

Imaginative Prayer

Imaginative prayer is basically a contemplative prayer where you experience all the scriptures by picturing them in your mind. You can read the passage and pause and reflect on it. A lot of times, we simply skim through the words without comprehending the meaning and purpose behind the text.

You can also pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you in opening your eyes and aid you in getting familiarized with the text. You can do this all by yourself, or wait for the family to come together so that you guys do it in some kind of a ceremony.

Learn About Other Cultures

Easter and Good Friday are celebrated differently in every country and culture. So, you should think of all the ways you can incorporate those routines. Learn about them and enlighten yourself with unique traditions. It’s always nice to learn about old traditions and how they’re conducted in different cultures.


Look, you might spend a long day fasting and it can get draining, so prepare a great hearty feast for yourself and family. Give them a good time after they spend an entire day in lent. 

Anyway, follow all of these traditions related to Easter and Good Friday and let us know which one of the 13 incredible ways do you like the most. Also, like our page on Facebook and find out all about Easter! How are you planning to spend the holiday season?  

Of course, you’ll spend the time celebrating Easter with family and Good Friday 2021. And last question: Did you attend virtual church with friends and family during quarantine?



Updated March 22, 2021
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