Galarian Mr Mime Event ‘Pokemon Go’| How to Participate Without Purchasing The $7.99 Ticket?

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  • POSTED ON: December 18, 2020

Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, announced a new Special Research event that focuses on Mr. Mime and its evolution Mr. Rime.

Gamers can grab a Galarian Mr. Mime Event Ticket worth of $7.99 to participate in the event (no entry without a ticket?) and get access to an exclusive research line where gamers are expected to encounter Mr. Mime Candy at the Special Research Story's end, and they will be able to upgrade Galarian Mr. Mime into a Mr. Rime.

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Participants will also get a unique event medal and a brand new Mr. Mime-themed avatar pose. In addition to this, players can also avail three Rare Candies, three Premium Battle Passes, 30 Ultra Balls, three Incense, two Glacial Lure Modules, one Poffin, three Star Pieces and three Super Incubators after completing the special Research quests of the event.

Not just that, participants will also get a chance to encounter amazing Pokémon such as Jynx,  Woobat, Lapras and Cubchoo as a part of the Special Field Research tasks of the event.

High alert for all Pokémon fans!

Please note that: As you can purchase for $7.99 ticket, the event tickets to join should be purchased using real money transaction instead of Poke coins! After purchasing, you are required to log in to Pokémon Go between December 19 10 am and December 20 at 8pm local time to grab your Special Research.

Niantic is also offering some limited-time treats for all purchase in Pokémon Go players, including non-ticket holders, from December 18th at 10am to December 21 at 8pm.

Since the ticket to this Special event is going to cost you real money (overpriced too), it’s going to frustrate a lot of free-to-play players! But what if we tell you that you can easily add Galarian Mr. Mime and Mr. Rime into your collection without spending a single dime?

Yes, you’ve read that right!

Frist of all, it is not possible for Niantic to release Pokémon only for paid gamers, we know that they will make it free for all after some time. Just take a recent example, where participants of Go fest got Shadow Mewtow in a paid event, but later free-to-play players could catch this Pokémon using super rocket radar for free.

If you’re an avid Pokémon Go player, you would know that the special quests are usually made available for free to everyone after being accessible to only paid users.

In short, you have to wait for a while until Niantic decides to make these new Pokémons available for free!

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Updated December 18, 2020
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