Five Interesting Facts About Netflix’s Enola Holmes

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  • POSTED ON: September 21, 2020

When everyone wishes for BBC’s Sherlock Holmes Season 5, Netflix presented his sister in the family’s mysterious form, searching for her missing mother…

Elona Holmes, a vibrant young sister of infamous detective Sherlock Holmes, is set to debut on Netflix on September 23rd. Millie Bobby Brown has abandoned the Stranger Things 1980s setting for a while for 19th-century London in Netflix’s Enola Holmes.

And yes, the two handsome hunks, Henry Cavil (as Sherlock Holmes) and Sam Claflin (as Mycroft Holmes) are also on board!

The first trailer is already out, and it shows that a little sister has completely overshadowed Sherlock Holmes’s keen detective skills…

With Elona Holmes premiere is fast approaching, it has already created plenty of tittle-tattle and hocus pocus over the internet. From copyright controversies to the inaccurate portrayal of historical icons, we have rounded up five interesting facts about the most anticipating Netflix’s movie Elona Holmes:

FACT#1 The Film Is Based On The Book SERIES

Source: The Deliberate reader

Netflix’s upcoming flick Enola Holmes is actually based on the book series of the same name by Nancy Springer. Despite having an abundance of content for a full-fledged Netflix’s series, producers choose to go with a film instead… and it’s quite justified, as nobody would want to have Enola getting a full series while her big brother (Sherlock Holmes) is already a series star at BBC.

With any luck, maybe we will see Enola’s series over the coming years. If you haven’t read the books, make sure to read them before watching its film adaptation…

FACT#2 Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate sues Netflix for giving Sherlock Holmes too many emotions.

Source: Netflix

Yes, you have heard that right! Who’d have thought that a friendly-family take on Sherlock Holmes world’s Enola Holmes would generate controversy and that too, over Sherlock’s emotions?

The Conan Doyle Estate has filed a lawsuit claiming copyright infringement and trademark violation against Netflix, Legendary Pictures (production company), Penguin Random House (book Publishers) and others including book author Nancy Springer.

Conan Doyle Estate owns the copyright of the last ten stories written between 1923 and 1924. In the lawsuit, they claim that these final stories depict Sherlock developing some feelings and becoming “warmer.” They argued that both the book series and Netflix adaptation of Enola Holmes had shown Sherlock reacting to his sister Enola with “warmth and kindness”, hence it potentially violates the Conan Doyle’s Estate’s copyrighted stories.

FACT#3 Enola Holmes’ Poster Features A Blatant Historical Inaccuracy

It seems like the production company haven’t done their homework correctly! If you’re producing a movie taking place in the 19th century, you better make sure that the buildings on your poster actually exist at that time. Some eagle-eyed fans highlighted that the poster of Enola Holmes weirdly consists of an image of London’s Portcullis House, a government building that was built in 2001… Ops!


FACT#4 The film was first planned for a theatre-release but ended up selling copyrights to Netflix, Thanks to COVID-19 Pandemic

Source: The Verge

CVIDd-19 pandemic has significantly impacted plenty of movies production and their releases, and Enola Holmes is one of them. In February 2019, Legendary Pictures announced plans to adapt Springer’s book series, originally scheduled to release the film during the 2020 holiday season. But 2020 has proven to be a long-unwanted holiday, so Netflix acquired the rights to the movie earlier this year in April and decided to stream it in September.

FACT#5 Millie Bobby Brown is not only starring as an actor, but she is a producer too!

Source: TheInternNewsCast

Young British actress who rose to fame after starring in another Netflix fantasy drama ‘Stranger Things’, Millie Bobby Brown is the producer and a lead actor in the movie ‘Enola Holmes.’

It’s going to be her first-ever feature-length movie under her production at the age of 16 ONLY… Cool right? Brown is also the youngest person to be featured on the Time 100 list of world’s most influential people.

The film is scheduled to drop on Netflix on Wednesday, September 23rd.

Updated September 21, 2020
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