Family Reunion Part 3| What To Expect and Why It’s a Must Watch!

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  • POSTED ON: April 5, 2021

Are you someone who loves to binge-watch an entire series in one night? If yes, then Family Reunion is a must watch for you!

The Netflix comedy has found a place in the hearts of every avid TV Series watcher. It’s got a lot to offer, and tackles a lot of social issues in a light-hearted tone. The All-Black cast is shown to live in Georgia – after it moved from Seattle – to live closer to their extended family.

The episodes of the first seasons were released on the platform in parts; the first half was released in 2019, whereas the other half was released in 2020. Are there more episodes to come? Continue reading below to find out!

Is there going to be a second season?

Hell yeah! Another season of Family Reunion is going to be on Netflix – we’ll explore the family further and claw out the secrets buried deep within. The McKellen family is going to be explored in depth in season 2 – in fact, the show had gotten the green flag back in 2019 only!

Like we said before, the first season was released in parts, technically making it two seasons. So, when season 2 arrives for real, it will be regarded as part 3 of the series. Unfortunately, the next season has fewer episodes compared to the first season. Hence, you’ll be enjoying 16 episodes(the first season had 20).

We’re not sure if the upcoming season will release in two parts, but if it does, then we’re most likely going to have eight episodes in the third and fourth part.

Where can we watch the second season?

There is no official word on when and where the second season will release. Before the pandemic, fans expected the second season to drop by the end of 2020, since the filming was supposedly starting at the beginning of February 2020. The filming was going to last till July 10th and, that too, in Los Angeles.

Of course, the pandemic hit us out of nowhere, and production halted indefinitely. We’re not sure about the filming now, andhave no idea if it has restarted or not.

Family Reunion initially aired on July 2019, and it also got a holiday special on December 2019. The second part of the series was released in January 2020.

What can we expect from Part 3?

At the heart of it, the series aims to add light and humor to our lives. Hence, the formula is most likely going to be the same. There will be family drama and problems will be solved by applying humor to crazy situations.

The show will probably feature the McKellan family and their everyday situations – hopefully, the problems—or at least their solutions— will be new.

Has the trailer released yet?

The trailer of Family Reunion part 3 has not yet released. It’s unknown as to when we can expect it. So, if you’re really missing the show, you should make peace by watching its old trailer. It has some iconic moments that will help refresh your memories!

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We might not have the Family Reunion trailer part 3 but we certainly hope the that trailer of the comedy shows comes out soon! Our favorite has to be Talia Jackson, what do you think?



Updated April 5, 2021
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