Evil Eye| Priyanka Chopra| Perfect Mix of Horror and South Asian Culture

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  • POSTED ON: October 12, 2020

Priyanka Chopra’s
production, Purple Pebbles Pictures, is releasing its latest venture known as
Evil Eye and the film will release on Amazon Prime on October 13th!

The trailer of the new release psychological
horror movie was released today, demonstrating a blossoming romance that turns
toxic and nightmarish after the dark past makes a return. The film is all set
to be the first in an eight-part series. This horror-thriller is actually a
joint collaboration between 
Priyanka Chopra’s Purple Pebbles Pictures and
Blumhouse Production.

The two-minute trailer
exposes a mother and daughter duo, played by the impeccable Sarita and Sunita
respectively. Like every horror movie, things are great in the beginning until
the daughter meets the man of her dreams. The romance that blossoms between the
two will face obstacles and judgment from the parents. Things take an ugly turn
when the mother starts believing that the man her daughter is dating is
actually from her own past. This paranoia adds more fuel to the fire after
which things start to unveil automatically.

The premise of the show
is quite typical for an Indian family – but it could be an interesting watch for
the western viewers. Literally, every Indian mother obsesses over the philosophy
of reincarnation; it’s an integral part of their growing years. Thus, the role
of Indian mythology will be tremendous in this tale of supernatural!

The evil eye psychological horror movie is based on
an award-winning Audible Original production from writer Madhuri Shekar. Elan
and Rajeev Dassani act as the directors and captain of the ship.

Are you excited to watch
this thrilling story of reincarnation and toxic relationships!

Updated October 12, 2020
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