Ellen DeGeneres Is Not Even Generous to COVID-19 after testing Positive!

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  • POSTED ON: December 11, 2020

Ellen DeGeneres Evil… * a commonly known term*

But Ellen DeGeneres announced to be a POSITIVE person…

By positive, we mean COVID-19 positive!

Well, that’s not the kind of positivity we’d expected from DeGeneres! Or may be that’s only what is positive about her!

A renowned comedian and a TV host, Ellen DeGeneres announced
on Thursday that she tested positive for coronavirus and now is in quarantine to
observe proper CDC guidelines.

“Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know that tested positive
for COVID-19. Fortunately, I’m feeling fine right now,” DeGeneres tweeted.

‘Feeling fine’ after testing positive?

The 62 year old host of The
Ellen DeGeneres Show
said that everyone has been notified who has been closely in touch with her. 

Finding Dory
star advised her fans to “stay safe and healthy” and said that she will return to work after the vacations.

The production of her TV talk show has been temporary put to

Only recently, the show featured a tiny amount of in-house
audience. So, she might have caught the virus from someone in the audience or
from the production crew.

A representative of Telepictures said that they have halted production on the Show
till January, following the host’s announcement this morning.

Like everyone else, it has been a really rough year for the
62-year-old host, as she has been accused of “toxic workplace behavior” from
her current and former employees on the show.

An investigative piece of a renowned publisher included interviews
of 36 anonymous former and current employees who accused the host for creating a
fear-based environment behind the camera at The
Ellen DeGeneres Show

The report came as a shocker, mainly because the allegations
make her look like a hypocrite.

Warner Bros initiated an in-house investigation, after which
three executive producers were ousted out of the show following allegations of

Earlier this year, the production of the Ellen DeGeneres Show stopped in March
because of the pandemic. DeGeneres came back to the set in fall, filming her season’s first episode on September 21. It was the first time she
addressed the audiences directly about all the allegations that had been raised.

Before then, the host mostly turned a blind eye to all the
allegations including misconduct and sexual harassment. In the
monologue of the season’s premier, she came clean to the viewers and apologized
to the people who had been affected. She said, “I know that I’m on a position
of privilege and power, and I realize that with that comes responsibility, and
I take responsibility for what happens at my show.”

But it seems like the damage has already been done!

Roughly two months into the show after the workplace
allegations, it has been reported that the show is missing out on advertisers and
struggling to book A-list celebrities and facing a major drop in ratings.

One of the current employees said that the show’s digital
content has less sponsors and advertisers than the past years. The drastic drop
in ratings and sponsors was observed over the summer. Certainly, the pandemic
isn’t the only cause behind this!

The employees said that they have been struggling to
generate content because of limited sponsors. Most of their projects have already
slowed down and they are forced to reuse old videos from past seasons.

Here’s more insights about the claim made by employees that Ellen is Evil!

And now, since the host has caught the virus and is expected
to remain quarantine for some days, it’s going to do more damage to the show’s
overall rating. The Ellen DeGeneres show always performs better in December as
compared to the rest of the months. This is perhaps due to the “12 Days of
Giveaways” segment where sponsors and brands join hands with the show to

This year, the show has decided to dedicate the entire
gifting segment to frontline workers, and to all those people who have been
serving on the frontline and battling COVID-19 directly. But an recent employee
said that 2020’s gifts are not as good as what the show usually delivers.

According to a crew member, this segment creates hype and
excitement among the audience. Everyone wants to join the show and sit in the
audience seats, as they await for the gift segment. But this year, ‘12 Days’ segment
is sort of low-key and condensed as they don’t have many sponsors.

Usually, in the ‘12 Days of Giveaways’, Ellen used to give
away amazing trips, which usually included cool destination packages,
travelling expenses and air tickets. But since we’re in the midst of the
pandemic, the host is now giving gifts that are relevant for the world currently.

On November 15, the 62 year old host also won People’s
Choice Award for Best Talk Show 2020. Despite the controversy, she praised the
“amazing staff” in her acceptance speech.

She said, “I am not accepting this award for myself; I’m
accepting it on behalf of my amazing crew, my amazing staff, who make this show

DeGeneres also took this opportunity to appreciate all those
who have been supporting her through the years, especially through the recent

As you read further, here are some of the absolutely jerk celebrities. See what they did in real life!

In the speech, she said that she has been in plenty of hot
waters lately that made her sad, anxious, frustrated and impatient. She assured
that she is now working on her behavior, especially on her impatient attitude. She
also shared that she has been struggling with her impatience, as it’s certainly
not easy to remain calm these days.

In the spirit of local generosity, fans are hoping a fast recovery for her and awaiting her
return to the screen…

Get well soon, Ellen! Can you leave Ellen alone now

Updated December 11, 2020
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