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‘Dream Home Makeover’ is a reality television series where the real-life couple Shea and Syd McGee make dreams come true for families looking for the perfect homes. The couple tailors and designs their residents according to their likings and comfort regardless of their big or small budget. The first season premiered on October 16th, 2020 on Netflix, since then the show continues to garner massive followings on the streaming platform.

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On New Year’s Day, Shea and Syd McGee return with the second season of the show, house flipping, Dream Home Makeover to ring in the New Year with some inspiration and motivation, encouraging people to start fresh!

Here’s how the audience react. Also the fans and critics have reacted to the second season 2 of ‘Dream Home Makeover:’

An Instagram-following-turned Netflix original, ‘Dream Home Makeover’ is like a mainstream reality show based on a house’s improvement, but this doesn’t make the show less entertaining. Apart from the couple’s expert aesthetic choices, the show offers an overwhelming experience about how it is like being part of a harmonious family. McGee couple are extremely polite with their clients, as they truly want them to be happy!

The only upsetting thing about this Netflix series is how Netflix sells the premise- dubbing a show as a makeover for “real families.” The first episode of the second season includes a family having an indoor basketball court.

While we commend the fact that house worth doesn’t reflect a “real family,” it would be much appreciated if the show features a diverse range of demographics and homes. The ‘American dream’ premise seems interesting until you realize that it is a saving grace for suburban nuclear families… it’s the 21st century; we need to be a bit more broad-ranging!

Apart from that, Dream Home Makeover season 2 is a must-watch for those seeking inspiration for home decoration and hoping for the Studio McGee to visit their home too. Season 2 comes right on time when many Americans must be planning to redecorate their homes at the start of the year.

Check out the YouTube video:

The season 2 follows the couple in multiple projects where they redecorate or build up a house of a former NBA player, Travis Hansen, a family room for the Chiu family, and the master bedroom for the Winkelman family and among others. While the couple continued to work on several client projects, they also discover ways to decorate their personal space where they recently moved.

If you are eager to redecorate your home and looking for some brilliant ideas, “Dream Home Makeover’ should be the next thing in your watch-list. Also, do like our Facebook page to learn more about Netflix’s latest and upcoming content

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Updated January 4, 2021
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