Did Oprah Winfrey Lose or Gain Credibility with the Meghan Markle Interview?

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: March 18, 2021

The British Monarchy has not been the same ever since the controversial interview of Meghan Markle and Harry Styles with Oprah Winfrey. The interview broke all the records and made it to the headlines of magazines all around the world. But, at the end of the day, we just have one question: Was it necessary?

The weeks leading up to the interview were pretty exciting, as everyone was intrigued to see a royal couple talk their heart out. People watched the British Press break down Meghan’s spirit and attack her viciously for the last four years. Even after their migration to the United States, the bullying didn’t end. It impacted her to the extent that she wanted to not be alive anymore. That is a dangerous space to be in, and no one should be made to go through it all alone. Diana did it, and we saw how it all ended!

But hey, at the end of the day, this is all business. It would’ve made more sense if the couple had opened up on their personal social media account or something.

Yes, Oprah started the interview saying that Meghan is not getting paid for it – but what about Oprah? Didn’t she get paid? Didn’t the network make money? Of course, they did! Just because someone is preaching about mental health and all things connected, doesn’t mean that they wish well.

We understand that it was important for the couple to speak up – they wanted to put a full stop to the never-ending drama and the controversies that continue to surge. But it’s a catch-22: they said that they agreed to do the interview as it was going to be controlled.

“Controlled” is the keyword here, because they only talked about the things that they wanted to talk about. This is important, so we’re going to spell it out for you. They only targeted the politics of the Buckingham Palace. Oprah started the interview by saying that no topic was off limits.

But if that was to be true, why didn’t she talk about Meghan and her drama with her father? Harry can talk about his father not pickling his calls, but no queries regarding Meghan’s father? Does it not sound a bit strange to you?

Let’s bring our attention to Oprah Winfrey now. How do you feel this interview would reflect on her image a few months from now? Should she have taken this step? Does it leave a big question mark on her credibility? It’s all a load of bull.

Honestly, Oprah is a controversial personality. Yes she’s a one woman army and has achieved so much in life. But can we look at her for the person that she is today? Can we stop worshipping her for absolutely nothing? We’ve all seen hardships, some of us get lucky meanwhile others don’t, and that’s part of life.

What we’re trying to say here is that nobody should be treated specially - not even Oprah. And if you watch the interview from our point of view, you’ll find two highly privileged people opening up dirty laundry in public because mummy and daddy refused to pay for business class seats.

All three of them are capable of making their own money - if the millions of dollars already sitting in their bank account are not enough. So, why was there a need to discuss this matter in public? Are gossip magazines not enough that you have to take matters into your own hands to add more fuel to the fire?

Before this, Oprah used to speak about real tragedies - that’s how she got where she is today. The woman has deceived the audiences by suggesting that she is the epitome of truth and all things justice. But if she really cares about mental health and all the trauma that women experience due to age-old practices and the monstrous system of patriarchy, she should consider answering these questions.

Why would you openly diss a century old institution – one of the last to survive, and that too, led by a woman – and be part of a well-cooked conspiracy against the monarchy? Is it dignified to promote and take a two-hour interview on national television and allow a vulnerable person to speak against their husband’s family? The person might not be in the right headspace and have strong feelings at the moment, but you’re quite capable of distinguishing what is right and what isn’t, right? So, why would someone so “dignified” exploit someone’s emotions like that? That’s an indication of extreme toxicity and sheer lunacy.

Anyway, we’re just going to say that Oprah has left a sour impression on us after this interview. It just didn’t sit well with us - and we didn’t feel this way before the interview, reason being bias questions and forced projections.

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Listen, it’s not like that the Britain’s right-leaning press hasn’t had its fair share of hard-hitting interviews but it has - and that’s exactly why we expected better from Oprah. Miss Oprah stands for self-righteousness and so, to see TV’s queen of schmaltz pull off stunts like these is pathetic. Let us know your thoughts on this Meghan Markel interview. 

Updated March 18, 2021
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