‘Dancing with the Devil’: 5 Most Shocking Details from Demi Lovato’s Documentary Series

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  • POSTED ON: March 26, 2021

Demi Lovato has no issues being vulnerable in front of her fans – she has done it before, and she will do it again.

Three years ago, in her documentary Simply Complicated, she talked about her struggles with bipolar disorder and how she used cocaine to cope with it. She’s back again with yet another docuseries - a four-part YouTube series - where she is opening up about her addiction and mental health crisis. In the new series, she’s talking about her relationship with drugs and how it reflects on her body.

She made some major revelations in the new docuseries, which is called Dancing with the Devil. Continue reading to find out the 5 most shocking details from the Demi Lovato YouTube series. Two episodes are already out, you can watch them on her YouTube channel.

She Felt Guilty over Her Father’s Death

Lovato had a pretty toxic relationship with her father due to his personal struggle with addiction and alcohol. Apparently, he used to abuse her mother and, in the end, he died because of cancer in 2013. The date and time of his death is unknown, as his body was discovered a little over a week as it was left to decompose for an open casket. Ever since, Father’s Day holds a pretty special meaning to Demi, as he died sometime during that time.

“Every summer now that rolls around, I spend it thinking, ‘Was today the day that my dad died? Was it tomorrow? And then also knowing by the time Father’s Day rolls around he was lying there rotting. That was the fear I always had for him that he would end up alone. And he did. He died alone.”

She further reveals in the docuseries that her father struggled with bipolar and schizophrenia as well. She believes that he should’ve realized that he needed help. Today, as a mental health advocate, she understands the pain he experienced and that, too, all alone.

Pageants and Beauty Competitions Prompted Her Struggles with Food

As a fan, you’d know that Lovato started participating in beauty pageants at an early age. The constant comparison and the need to look fit and glowing all the time damaged her self-esteem and created issues even before she hit puberty.

She recalls one event in her docuseries where she made a promise to herself that if she didn’t win an event, she would never eat again. This was basically a threat to herself and the thought reflects what she was going through at the time. Apparently, her mother also struggled with eating disorder and body image issues.

She believes that her competitive nature was ingrained from a young age, and it has become some kind of a punishment now that she has crossed her teenage years and well-adjusted into her twenties. Some of her friends have also also interviewed in the series, and they reveal that they now have to be careful with what they’re eating in front of her as there’s still a grave chance of relapse.

Two Weeks after Celebrating Six Years of Sobriety, She Broke It

She was apparently on a photo shoot when she thought to herself if there was even a point in continuing the sobriety. She said that she was clearly uncomfortable which prompted her to drink red wine that night and— in the next 30 minutes— she has called someone for drugs.

She calls that night a “shopping spree”, because she bumped into her old drug dealer who gave her a combination of meth, molly, coke, weed, more alcohol, and OxyContin. She reflects and wonders why she never OD’d that night.

At the time, her friends and family were only aware of that fact that she had started drinking again. They showed concerned but believed that she was fine and handling it well. None of them had any idea that she would renew her relationship with drugs and go back to her old toxic patterns.

Soon, Lovato started experimenting with new drugs – harder drugs – the ones she had never tried before. In her mind, she was doing it as a recreational habit, but didn’t realize the consequences. One day, her friend caught her smoking in the bathroom, and gave her a serious talk. She encouraged her to give them up while she could or it will not end well.

The Overdose Left a Permanent Damage

The Demi Lovato overdose is explained by her mother as a horror movie. In the documentary it is was revealed that she has severely low oxygen levels and three strokes and a heart attack. Because of the stroke, she suffered from brain damage and they ended up leaving blind spots in her vision – as a result of which, she can no longer drive.

In addition, she experienced pneumonia from asphyxiation and multiple organ failures. And here’s the most shocking one: when she woke up from all the surgeries and medical interventions, she was completely blind. It is explained in the series how this was never planned; Demi never wanted to overdose. According to her, she was smoking and not injecting heroin.

She Was Discovered At the Right Time or She Would Not Have Survived

Her assistant had gone into Lovato’s room to wake her up, as she had scheduled a doctor’s appointment. She kept knocking on the door, repeatedly, to no response. She thought of giving her privacy for some time until she realized that they’ll be late for the appointment. After five to ten minutes, she entered the room and discovered Demi Lovato unconscious.

The documentary series reveals that if she had been found even ten minutes after she actually did, she would not have survived.

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Updated March 26, 2021
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