Confirmed: Amber Heard not fired from Aquaman 2!

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  • POSTED ON: March 1, 2021

rumor that is currently floating around is that DCEU has fired Amber Heard
amidst her legal battle with Johnny Depp. Despite wishing for it to be true, we’re
saddened to confirm that this news is just not true. At least, not yet.

have said that Emilia Clarke has taken on the role of Mera from Amber Heard and
that she will be continuing the role henceforth in the franchise.

plays the character of a Xebellian princess Mera in the DCEU and was first seen
in the role in 2017’s Justice League. After that short adventure, she helmed an
entire movie and was seen in 2018’s Aquaman. And now it is being said that she
will be reprising the role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

addition, she is being attached to Aquaman 2 with Jason Momoa in the titular
role. The movie is apparently slated for December 2022. The details of the film
are kept under wraps but the filming is all set to begin in the summer this

Sunday, there have been rumors that Heard has been fired from Aquaman 2. Several
trends have also emerged on social media citing her legal battle with
ex-husband Johnny Depp as the reason.

Depp and Heard have been contesting a public battle since 2014 where the latter
has accused the other of physical and verbal abuse. Evidence has since merged
that the accusations are simply not true – in fact; it’s Johnny Depp who’s been
the actual victim.

has continued her torment over the years and shown to the world what a
nightmare she was for Johnny Depp. Because of her false accusations, he has
been fired from Warner Bros’ Fantastic Beasts franchise along with Pirates of
the Caribbean franchise.  

a brief moment it seemed like all the balance was returning to the universe and
the karma was under work. However, this may not really be true as no official
statements have surfaced as of yet.

knows what the future holds but here’s hoping that Amber Heard gets what she
deserves. According to The Hollywood 
Reporter, writer Ryan Parker has took to
his social media and confirmed that the news of Heard’s firing are simply not
true. He didn’t go into details but we will investigate this matter further.

have been many instances in the past where news of actors getting fired have
been leaked in the media before they were supposed to so as to gain response
from the fans and put pressure on the makers to reconsider the decision. We
hope that this isn’t the case here

don’t want to see Amber Heard reprising this grand role when Depp – the actual
victim – has been on the receiving end of injustice. We certainly hope with patience
that Heard gets the same fate as Depp, or worse.

it seems like things are now going in the right direction because there’s a
petition circulating online – demanding to remove Heard from the franchise. In
December, the petition crosses over one million signatures. It’s a delicate situation
and we hope justice is served.

do you want to see play out the role of Aquaman’s wife? Like we said, Emilia
Clarke is currently in the picture meanwhile Amber Heard’s firing has not been confirmed.
Let us know your preferences!

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Heard has not been fired yet.


Updated March 1, 2021
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