Comedian Chris D’Elia is Accused of Soliciting Pornographic Pictures from a Teenager

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  • POSTED ON: March 3, 2021

A lawsuit is filed against comedian Chris D’Elia for allegedly soliciting naked pictures from a 17-year-old girl, named Doe.

According to the charges raised against him in federal court in Los Angeles, D’Elia currently possesses over 100 nude pictures and explicit videos from a teenage girl, which he forcefully received from her over the course of several months until 2017.

The complaint also stated that the comedian forced the girl to show up to one of his shows and have sexual intercourse with her. He inquired about her age while having sex, to which she revealed that she is a high-school goer. Even after knowing well about her age, he continued with the deed and responded that her tender age makes her even “hotter.”

Later on, the suit alleges that the 40-year-old comedian forced her to send explicit pictures. The lawsuit also accuses D’Elia for emotionally manipulating the teenager, giving her attention when she agreed to his demands, but threatening to break up with her if she refused.

According to the lawsuit, the girl met D’Elia after she contacted him over Instagram and he invited her to one of his comedy shows. After exchanging a few texts, D’Elia asked for a nude picture and continued to ask for more even before meeting her in-person.

Chris D'Elia Harassment Allegations — 'YOU' Checked on Teen Co-Star | TVLine

The girl first met the comedian in-person in his hotel room, where he “instructed Ms. Doe to get on the floor, take off his shoes and pants, and give him oral sex” and “approximately ten minutes after she arrived at his hotel room, Defendant D’Elia had sex with Ms. Doe,” according to the suit.

The lawsuit was filed against D’Elia for violating federal child pornography and child sexual exploitation statutes.

It’s not the first time D’Elia has been accused of demanding explicit pictures. Last year in June, the 40-year-old artist was accused of seeking naked photos from teenagers after starring in the second season of popular Netflix drama “You.” He played the character of a podophilic comedian who sexually abuses teenagers. Oh, the irony!

Seems like the artist is no different from his on-screen character.

After watching his show, Doe “sent him an email expressing that she had been too young for what he had done to her and that she would never be in touch with him again,” as per the complaint.

Chris D'Elia Accused of Possessing Child Pornography in Sexual Exploitation  Suit | Hollywood Reporter

While responding to those allegations at that time, D’Elia said he “never knowingly pursued any underage women at any point.” But he also apologized to anyone he may have offended, admitting that he had sometime got caught up in his own lifestyle.

Just recently, he uploaded a YouTube video claiming that “I do have a problem.” He shared with his fans that he is in the path to recovery and of becoming a better role model to his son.

Doe is seeking a “compensatory, liquidated and punitive damage” through a trial by jury.

After the allegation raised against him on Sunday, a spokesperson for D’Elia said, “Chris denied these allegations and will vigorously defend against them in court.”

After being accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women online, CAA dropped the artist as a client and Netflix decided to scrap the unscripted show that was set to co-star D’Elia. Following his tumultuous reputation in the media, Tig Notaro has had no choice but to replace him in Zack Synder’s zombie movie “Army of the Dead.”

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Updated March 3, 2021
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