Celebrities Walk Out as Cesar Awards Honor Polanski

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  • POSTED ON: February 29, 2020

Celebrating problematic men and undermining movements like #Metoo is not something new for the film industry, but recognizing an alleged harasser and a convicted rapist was low, even for them.

Source: Variety

This time, the culprits are the French Cesar Awards, which are the French equivalent of the Oscars.

An 86 year-old director, Roman Polanski, who was previously accused of raping a 13-year-old in 1977, received three accolades out of 12 nominations for his movies which also included An Officer and a Spy in English. He fled the country in the 1970s and did not attend this event either because he said he “feared for his safety”. 

No member of the crew showed up to receive the awards but the fact that Cesar Awards jury went as far as including a man who is a known rapist angered the guests and the social media users.

Some of the actresses walked out of the event which was held in Paris as soon as the Best Director Award for Polanski was announced.

Adele Haenel, who also shared her experience of getting sexually abused by another director as a child, was one of the women who left the ceremony. She was heard saying “shame” as she exited the event, followed by the director Celine Sciamma.

You can watch the video here:


Source: Programme TV

Florence Foresti, who was one of the presenters for the night, could not be found hosting the show after Polanski’s name was announced. Later that night, she posted a story on her Instagram saying “disgusted” which was, without a doubt, aimed at the prestigious Cesar Awards.

The board for the Awards resigned earlier this month in the face of public outrage for nominating Polanski’s movies and a new committee is yet to be set up.

Source: France 24

France’s equality minister, Marlene Schiappa also voiced her disgust when Polanski received the nominations as she found it “impossible that a hall gets up and applauds the film of a man accused of rape several times”.

Source: X Gossip

However, the organizers have issued no apology and defended their decisions by stating that the committee “should not take moral positions” when it comes to awards.

Well, the ceremony was as disappointing, if not more, as Roman Polanski himself. The director has been continuously accused of sexual abuse, most of the cases being filed against him.

Updated February 29, 2020
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