Bridgerton| 5 Shocking Facts about Netflix’s New Costume Drama!

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We’ve held great
admiration for the Jane Austen and Bennet sisters’ era along with the Joanna
Bourne’s action-packed spymaster time; from being fans of Alyssa Cole’s
American-Civil war-centered sagas to being deeply mesmerized by the
Victorian-gothic roots, we’ve been in love with it all. With all of those
periods in mind, it’s the Georgian-era that stays with you.

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Release Date

Have you read Julia
Quinn’s bestselling Bridgerton family novels? If so, you’d be elated to know
that they’re all getting adapted and are hitting the screen at the time of
Christmas this year in a new series. Bridgerton is all set to premiere on Netflix on the 25th
of December – on Christmas Day!

The latest series is
set between 1813 and 1827 and is about the Bridgerton family. We get to see
their journey as they live vicariously through the many patterns and dangerous
paths of society.

Adaption and Screenplay

The book is loved by
the fans and was originally released in the year 2000. There are hundreds of
fan clubs online and short fan-fictions inspired by this wonderful story! It’s
supposedly a glossy adaptation, under the captainship of Shonda Rhimes. It’s
written by Chris Van Dusen and a couple of other female writers, like Abby
McDonald, Janet Lim, Sarah Dollard, and Joy C Mitchell.

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Romantic Drama

You’ll find that there
are eight novels in total with every novel discussing the romantic journey of
one the siblings. The first novel touches upon the story of the Duke and the
oldest sister Daphne Bridgerton, and hence, it becomes the backbone of the
upcoming series.

Readers firmly believe
that the actual appeal of the novel stems from its subtle but remarkable humor.
It balances humor and warmth steadily, giving every character a well-drawn arc
and humanness. You can describe the Bridgerton family as gregarious and
devoted. The books are romantic with equal amounts of drama, making the novels
your perfect escape.

One of the writers who
worked on the series said that she discovered the books in her school library
as a teenager. She claims that when it comes to modern romances, Julia Quinn is
her most favorite author. She finds her characters to have a genuine spark and
likability. She also said that the characters in Quinn novels are quick-witted
rather than brooding and dark, which are qualities that she admires the most.

The fact that this
story got adapted for Netflix is enough to counter the stereotypical
implication that only lonely women read romantic novels. In fact, this notion
has been crunched and stomped on by the general public years ago with the
successes of Stephen Fry, Sara Manning, and Harriet Evans. And you know what? A
lot of them tend to become best-sellers!

There are no doubts
that Shonda Rhimes has a good eye for what works on TV and what doesn’t. In
fact, when it comes to romance and chemistry, nobody does it better than her.
it seemed almost obvious when she pitched this idea to
Netflix for the adaptation.

Of course, not everyone
can modulate the mass appeal of this idea, and that’s exactly what happened,
because Executive Producer wasn’t on board at first. But then she realized that
nobody raises a question when it comes to true crime, action, and suspense, but
everybody finds an error when it comes to romance/drama. In her opinion, Quinn
stories are empathetic towards relationships and they touch upon emotional
politics, love and lust. And if you review Shonda’s work history, you’d find
that she has pretty much mastered this genre.

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of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder to understand what
is being discussed here.

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Fashion and Aesthetics

Apart from the clever
one-liners and heart-pumping romance, you also find the aesthetics to be a
reason of attraction for this show. The producers and directors of the show
decided that the show deserves a fresh start. Hence, when it came to fashion,
they kept the books aside. 
They wanted to make the show more than just powdered
wigs and Victorian sideburns. Hence when the showrunners started visualizing
the romantic lead, they deliberately made the choice to keep everything glossy
and new.

When you meet the
Bridgerton family, you’ll get a balanced doze of romance and glitter. There is
going to be a gossip columnist whose action-filled pamphlet literally drives
the entertainment in the town. You’ll also get to meet high-society mavens like
Lady Danbury and Simon, who are a bit reluctant to settle down.

All characters are
interesting – which is Shonda’s trademark. She never treats supporting cast as
less interesting or unimportant. Hence, you’ll meet characters who are
pragmatic, layered, and emotionally vulnerable.

Of course, there are
certain changes in the final adaptation to suit the audience of TV. But the
good news here is that the original writer, Julia Quinn, is ecstatic about the
final product.

a consultant, which means I made a few suggestions, but with scripts that good
my job was pretty easy.”
– She said.

However, she also said
that maybe some diehard fans might get disappointed as the series is not going
to be following the original text word-by-word. But despite it all, she says
that the characters and stories are true to the books.


How can we not expect
diversity when the showrunner is Shonda Rhimes? Of course, she has hired
several Black actors in the prominent roles and not just
as centerpiece up for decoration. She made sure that the cast feels fresh and
aptly reflective of the era. The cast includes ethnic diversity of the Georgian
Britain. You’d find that the cast is perfectly placed keeping the dynamics of
power, relationships, and of course, the fashion in mind without making these fashion mistakes.

Hope you enjoyed the 5
shocking facts about Netflix’s New Costume drama Bridgerton. You must know,
however, the new period drama is not everybody’s cup of tea.  Are you going to watch Netflix’s Bridgerton? We
certainly can’t wait for the new Netflix series!

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Updated December 21, 2020
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