Black Beach: 5 Shocking Facts about Netflix’s New Action-Thriller!

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  • POSTED ON: February 3, 2021

A Spanish masterpiece is coming to Netflix on Feb 3 for you to enjoy! After hits like Money Heist and Elite, Spanish films and dramas have gained a lot of international fans. The streaming platform is serving these audiences by bringing new and captivating Spanish titles to their screens.

Black Beach is an action-packed thriller that depicts the main character, Carlo’s life. He’s a businessman who helps rescue a person kidnapped by one of his former friends. The story is set in Africa, as we follow Carlos on his journey of mediating a kidnapping, we’ll see how he tackles corruption and injustice to ultimately learn that there is no such thing as absolute good or evil.

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Not only does Carlos have to fight ethical dilemmas but he also has to defeat gangsters, athletes, fighters, and serial killers along the way. While none of these things hinders him, what stops Carlos in his tracks is something he learns about his past.

This is everything we can tell you right now, to see how Carlos faces challenges that come his way, you’ll have to watch the film yourself. What we can tell you are these 5 shocking facts about this action-thriller.

It’s Directed by an Academy Award Nominee

Esteban Crespo is one of the most renowned Spanish filmmakers in the world. He’s best known for his 2013 film called Aquel no era yo (That Wasn’t Me), which was also nominated for Academy Award Best Live Action Short Film in the 86th ceremony.

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Crespo not only directed Black Beach but he was also the writer of the film along with David Moreno. Other works of Crespo include Lala (2009) and Nadie Tiene La Culpa (2011).

It’ll Release in Different Time Zones

The 1 hour 50 minutes film will be coming to Netflix on Feb 3, 2021. When it comes to timings, you can watch it at midnight according to Pacific Time. Audiences present in India can stream Black Beach at 1:30 pm on Feb 3.

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If you’re in Britain, then log in at 8 am; moreover, viewers in Australia can watch the film from 7 pm and if you’re in Spain it’ll be available at 9 am on Feb 3. You can turn on the notifications on Netflix to get an update as soon as the film is uploaded.

Raul Arevalo Is A Top Actor

What’s exciting about Black Beach is that the lead character Carlos, is being played by one of the top Spanish actors Raul Arevalo. He started his career back in 2001 with a role in the television series Companeros. He made his film debut in 2003 in Los Abajo Firmantes. International audiences may know Raul Arevalo for his role in Summer Rain. Arevalo isn’t just an actor; he directed a film in 2016 called The Fury of a Patient Man, for which he won multiple awards.

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It’s Premiered at Different Film Festivals

Black Beach isn’t only premiering in theatres and Netflix; it has also been screened at different film festivals including the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival and Malaga Spanish Film Festival. Moreover, Black Beach has a good rating on IMDB, so we know it’s going to be a film worth watching.

It’s Shot in Diverse Locations of the World

One of the most exciting things about the Spanish action thriller is that there’s a wide variety of scenery in it. The film has been shot in diverse locations globally, including Ghana, Brussels, the Canary Islands, Toledo, and Madrid. You can travel to many parts of the globe just by watching this movie.

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These were 5 shocking facts you needed to know about Netflix’s new action thriller. We suggest you put Black Beach on your to-watch list for the weekend. Trust us; you won’t regret it. And oh, don’t forget to stock up on supplies before you settle down in front of your TV. What’s a viewing experience without having loads of popcorns to munch on?

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Updated February 3, 2021
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