Best Celebrity Reactions to Election 2020

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  • POSTED ON: November 6, 2020

Three Days ago, the US
presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden started and the final election result is yet to be witnessed. Right, when
the polls closed, the votes started coming in – and in a matter of a few hours,
we can find out our deserving president.

Celebrities used their
platform to encourage their followers to hold on to hope. They shared several
impassioned messages earlier to urge them to vote:

Some people are already
tired because… everyday you wake up and it’s still elections. Celebrities react! The nightmare
seems to be never-ending! Trump has tried his level best to hijack the win even
before the mail-in votes could be counted.

These celebrities, like
us, are hung-over, stress-eating, drunk, and nauseated. They’ve reached the pit
of emptiness and they’re frustrated with the electoral map monitors.  We bet that you’re going through the same
emotions, and by now, your level of patience has gone right off the meter.

Therefore, you can
either stay on the bird app or enjoy the best celebrity reactions that we’ve
collected for you below. The choice is yours! 
Like many of us,
Chrissy Teigen started stress cooking at a very appropriate hour of the night –
11 PM. 

She also offered some commentary
on the current situation of the political altitude.

Of course, to catch
some break and get her mind off things, she started playing with her kids, Luna
and Miles.

But Chrissy wasn’t the
only one stressing at 11 PM in the night. Cardi B was also going through a
similar state of mind so she opted for a little smoking. A little. 

Thom suddenly decided
to wake us up with a sermon. Makes sense(?) or not. 

just didn’t have the patience to deal with Donald Trump’s loser-punched speech.
Anyway, he decided to catch up with his remaining Schitt’s Creek episodes.

Family star Ariel Winter realized that it was time to kick off the boots and
get comfortable in cosyonesies because this was going to take some time. 10/10
on the attire!

Jenna Dewan had it so
she cracked open the wine bottle! 
Ryan Seacrest, on the
other hand, tucked in mini onion pizzas because the coverage was entertaining
as hell. 
Hillary Duff first
compared the elections with STD results and then informed her followers that
her toddler had resorted to stress eating. 
Emily Ratajkowskigot
comfortable in her hoodie and reminded people that the elections are no joke,
so pay attention!

Meanwhile, Mindy
Kailing decided that it was time to bake a nice cake. Super chill!

Another Modern Family
alumnus, Jesse Ferguson, cooked a bowl of carb-based comfort food. TBH, we all
deserve a little treat once all of this is over.

Lily Collin didn’t feel
like she was in Paris because she shared his snap of a sleepy pup to indicate
her true feelings. 
Demi Lovato kept in
serious by reposting a video of her song Commander in Chief that was being
played at full volume outside the White House! Ahh! We’ve got chills!

No one could have
assessed the situation better than Jimmy Kimmel. We hear you, sir!

Kristin Cavallari was
obviously not over the fact that her ex-husband is a Trump supporter. Thank
God, she divorced his ass! Anyway, she was finding it challenging to look away
from the TV screen for even a minute. Talk about being hooked. GET SOME SLEEP!

Pink shared a
thoughtful video with her daughter. She asked her whom she would pick as the
next President of America, and she replied without a shadow of doubt in her
mind: Joe Biden.

Talk about good

Andy Cohen started the
fun with a sarcastic joke.

“Look, don’t sweat
it tonight. It’s not like our entire future is hanging in the balance!”

Anyway, his temperament
was slightly off by the time the night ended. He signed off with this message that it was the worst party he has ever thrown. Yet he wants us to keep our hopes alive until it is finally over and it will be over once the voting count is over.

Busy Phillipps was
actually really busy and hadn’t eaten dinner. She did have two margaritas on an
empty stomach because, hello stress! Take a chill pill, woman! We got this. 

Lilli Reinhart had
enough of the drama. She tweeted that she is unable to understand that how all of the homophobic, racist, transphobic, immoral and misogynistic things said by Trump weren’t a deal breaker for Americans.

Zach Braff confirmed
that his sense of humor didn’t die in the elections. He gave this unique


Anyway, these
celebrities are only trying to keep the spirits light. Elections 2020 are
actually a serious matter that impacts
us all and we must
continue our prayers!

Updated November 6, 2020
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