Avatar: The Last Airbender is hitting Netflix on May 15th

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: April 24, 2020

Netflix has announced the Avatar: The Last Airbender will hit the streaming platform on May 15th. The show is loved by people of all ages and it was originally aired on Nickelodeon from February 2005 to July 2008.

The terrific animated series follows the adventures of Aang as he helps to stop the Fire Nation’s War against the world. He achieves this by mastering the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

If you thought that this was the first time Netflix has shown interest in the show, then you’re wrong. In fact, the streaming platform has been in the pre-production phase of turning this animation into a live-action show. They’ve also eyed The Dragon Prince and possess similar plans for the series.

Netflix has also announced that it will be streaming new episodes of the hit cartoon Pokemon. It seems as if Netflix has been upping its game and competing with other streaming services (Disney Plus and YouTube) for kids and animation lovers.

For now, US users can wait for May 15th to revisit their childhood.

Updated April 24, 2020
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