‘Anna Frozen’, Behind the Scenes of the Most Popular Fictional Character

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  • POSTED ON: January 27, 2021

Disney films have been a formative part of our youth – they’ve given us moments to laugh and cry over and lessons that are life-long!

There have been several Disney films in the last few decades that have gone on to receive love from the masses, a level that has not yet been touched by any other Hollywood studio.

One of the most cherished Disney movies in the recent years has been Frozen – and its sequel is considered to be the most anticipated sequel of all times!  However, do you know that there are countless behind the scenes moments that we as fans have no idea about?

How about we unravel those moments right here?

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Let’s get on with it now, shall we?

Sister Summit for the Staff

Disney and Pixar are known in the business world for having strong employee coordination. The company emphasizes on team building exercises as it enhances their potential and inculcates a sense of community on the movie set. The same exercise was carried on the sets of Frozen – Disney’s most successful film!

A lot of these team building exercises were conducted to help every actor get a better understanding of their character. In fact, there was a time when Anna and Elsa weren’t supposed to be sisters at all. It wasn’t until a last-minute change was made during the production phase known as the sister summit. The idea was to get a better grasp on the concept of sisterhood – an important lesson given in the franchise.

The Pre-Production Lasted 70 Years

Do you know that Walt Disney himself had shown interest in the adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen? Of course, the movie didn’t get picked up in 1937 as it was still being tinkered around and viewed under various capacities and possibilities.

The movie was an entirely different concept than what had been originally conceptualized. But this gives us an important lesson: great things take time to cook and unfinished ideas are not always junk.

Elsa Was Actually an Evil Queen

The undeniable bond between Anna and Elsa is something that took everyone’s breath away, giving us sister goals for the years to come! The sibling relationship that we witnessed between the two iconic characters was not originally on paper.

The characterization, like we said before, went through different phases and every character was viewed in a different light. In the early days, Elsa was placed as the villain, while Anna was supposedly a peasant who reaches out to her to freeze her heart for emotional heartbreak.

A Live Reindeer Was Brought To the Studio

Sven, the reindeer in the film, was actually formed by keeping a real reindeer in mind. Every storyteller has unique quirks– this time, the studio decided to bring a live reindeer to the studio to adopt a few mannerisms from. We can say with certainty that people behind the camera were elated that there were no alligators or snow leopards in the movie.

Intensive Snow Tests Conducted By the Animators

We could say that snow was potentially another character in the movie. The depiction needed to be, and it was, surreal and realistic. To achieve this goal, the animators had to travel to Wyoming and spend their time in the snow for almost two days.

In fact, they even had to wear costumes of Elsa and Anna to check how the two characters would appear in the snow. Now that’s dedication!

Six Hundred People Animated the Characters

You may have heard that it takes a village to make a movie. It was aptly put for Frozen, at least. We all know that most Disney productions are extraordinary and extravagant steps are taken to ensure the final product comes out divine.

But with Frozen, the creators went an extra mile. Everyone talks about how realistic the characters and the set looked – do you know that it was the work of over 600 animators who took over two and half years to accomplish what they did?

"Do You Want To Build A Snowman" Was Removed Initially

Movie making is not an easy feat – it takes months and years of production and hours sitting in front of the screens and making edits. It has been a common occurrence to remove a song from the entire movie or replace it with another. Frozen went through similar changes and, at one point, the song “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” was also removed.

In fact, this happened quite a couple of times during the process – it was removed and put back and forth. After a lot of thought and consensus, the film went ahead with the song inclusion, and the results were obviously rewarding.

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Also, what are your thoughts on Walt Disney Animation studios? They’ve given us several popular fictional character(s). Ours favorite is obviously Elsa’s character – the outstanding Elsa of Arendelle! Which other fictional character do you like from this movie? One thing is for sure; we’re pumped to see what Anna Frozen 3 has in stored for us.


Updated January 27, 2021
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