Adolfo ‘Shabba-Doo’ Quinones| The Real Reason Behind Hip Hop Dancer and Breaking Star’s Sudden Death!

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  • POSTED ON: December 31, 2020

A sad day for the dance world –  a sudden death!

Adolfo Quinones, widely known as “Shabba-Doo,” was a renowned
hip-hop dancer has passed away at the age of 66.

Quinones died a day after he posted an Instgaram post,
revealing that he was a bit “sluggish” from a cold, though he tested negative
for COVID-19. In the Instgaram picture, he was seen smiling and displaying a
peace sign in bed with a caption reading, “Good News Y’all! I’m feeling all
better, just a wee bit sluggish from my cold, but the good news is I’m Covid-19
negative! Woo hoo!”3

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The cause of his death hasn’t been made public yet. However,
early reports suggest that there wasn’t any foul play involved in his sudden

The Chicago-based dancer was also a member of The Original
Lockers along with Don “Cambellock” Campbell, Fred “Rerun” Berry and Toni Basil.
Shabba-Doo became one of the founders of a revolutionary dance style commonly
known as locking. Tomnil Basil, a fellow member of The Original Lockers, took
to twitter to announce the sudden passing of the 66-year-old.

“It is with extreme sadness the Lockers Family announces the
unexpected passing of our beloved Adolfo Shabba-Doo Quinones. In this difficult
time, we are requesting privacy,” He tweeted on Wednesday.

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Apart from starring in the “Breakin” movies, he also
appeared on the big screen in “Lambada”, which was released in 1990.

Before taking the roles in movies, Shabba-doo served as a
choreographer for many artists including, Madonna, Luther Vandross and Jamie
Kennedy’s MTV show “Blowin Up” and also featured in Lionel Richie’s “All night
Long” video. He had also been a part of 78th Academy Awards, acting
as an associate choreographer and lead dancer, performing with Oscar-winners
Taraji P. Henson and Three Six Mafia for their performance of “It’s Hard Out
Here for a Pimp.”

In addition to this, Shabba-doo also had a guest appearance
in numerous TV shows such as Married….
With Children, Miami Vice, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show
! What’s Happening!!, Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure and Saturday Night Live.

As the news of his sudden passing spread online, many fellow
dancers and admirers took to social media to pay their tributes to the deceased
and offer their condolences 
to the family and friends.

Sheila E. reflected her touring experience with Richie in
her tweet, referring to the deceased as her brother.

DJ the Blessed Madonna tweeted, “Damnm Shabba Doo. RIP. So
sad to see so many of our foundational dancers passing this year.”

Other tributes include:

According to a message displayed earlier on Shabba-doo’s
website, the dancer had been working on a movie based on his memoirs, “The
Godfather of Street Dance: The Dance Forfather of Hip Hop” which will feature a
detailed view on his life and unveil the true origin of street dance.

R.I.P, legend! Hope you danced your way up there.

Updated December 31, 2020
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