A Scary Ride To The Best Celebrities Halloween Parties From The Past

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  • POSTED ON: October 24, 2020

Fasten your seat belt and hold your breath,
because we’re about to take you to the party where the monsters dance and the
devil drinks…

From Halloween’s spooky vibes and excitement to the
terrifyingly awesome costumes, you’ll get everything you need in the celebrity
Halloween parties. No matter what, you can always count on the celebrities to
pull out all the creativity when it comes to dressing up!

Don’t believe us? Scroll down and look at the
extraordinary celebrity costumes from the Halloween last year parties, from Kim Kardashian West and
Joe and Sophie Jonas to Cardi B. And let’s not forget the ultimate Halloween
Queen herself, Heidi Klum, who always comes with a bang at all the Halloween

These celebs know how to take their Halloween
costume ideas to new heights! They say, “A person should always choose a
costume which is in direct contrast to their own personality.”

These celebs show that being normal is vastly
overrated during Halloween festivities! Here are the most iconic celebrity Halloween costumes of all time.

Kardashian West family dressed up bugs (2019)


Suddenly I’m reaching out for a bug zapper…

Lizzo as a
DNA Test (2019)



Heidi Klum
as ummm… Alien monster? (2019)


She has never failed to terrify us…

Khloe Kardashian as Cruella de Vil (2019)

Spot the real dalmation(s)!

Maria Carey
as a Rocker (2019)


And she named this band “spit featuring Mimi.” I’m
just loving the hairstyles…

Gigi Hadid
as The Mask (2019)

Makeup is so on-point!

Tracee Ellis
Ross as Red (2019)


She had 

gone big with the spookiness…

Grande dressed up as a character in Twilight Zone’s “Eye of the beholder”


Her iconic ponytail is still there, though…

Nicki Minhaj
as Harley Quin and Kenneth Petty as the Joker (2019)


We think DC
would approve…

Kylie Jenner as Disney princess Ariel (2019)


More like,
Kysea Jenner!

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler transformed into
Sally and Jack Skellington (2019)


Our Halloween’s all-time favorite couple…

CardiB as
the Nurse (2019)


So hot, makes us feel feverish already!

Demi Lovato
as Marie Antoinette (2019)

It’s her time to shine….

Rita Ora as
Post Malone (2018)

Wait… Rita Ora?? We’re still processing it!

Joe Jonas as
Sansa Stark (2018)


Hail the Queen in the North!

Joey King as
Lord Voldemort (2019)

She who shall not be named….

Updated October 24, 2020
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