50M2 – Top 20 Viral Memes and Reactions that are breaking the Internet

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  • POSTED ON: February 1, 2021

Action, crime, drama and betrayal…

The latest Netflix’s series 50M2 has nothing that you
haven’t seen before. Still, it has everything to keep your attention until the
end! Filled with amazing action sequences, emotional storylines, and mysteries,
the Turkish series 50M2 is receiving widespread recognition since its 27 January premiere.

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Turkish actors even made a short social media video to thank
viewers for their love and appreciation. The kind of reception this Turkish
series is getting wouldn’t be a surprise to see its second installment sooner
than later on our Netflix homepage.

The series follows the story of Golge (played by the Turkish
Tom Hardy, Engin Ozturk). This hitman betrays an underworld boss Servet Nadir
(played by Kursat Alniacik), a man whose shiny bald head and extraordinary moustache
would make him stand out in any setting.

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Golge disguises as the son of a deceased tailor, Adil, as
he seeks refuge in a 50-meter square tailor shop in a Turkish neighborhood.
Hence, this is how the series gets its name (50M2). As the story progresses,
Golge uncovers more secrets and shocking revelations about his past.

This series is full of thrillers and mysteries, which are bound
to make viewers crave for more. And if you have already watched the series, you
might have an itch for the second season. But guess what: season 2 is on its
way. We don’t know for sure when, but we do know it’s going to be epic. And we
will be binging it on the very first week of its release, right?

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We tend to judge every other international content by the
same lens, believing that it’s not worth the time. Sometimes keeping up with
the subtitles might feel like a pain in the ass, but if the story and content are
so much entertaining – just like in 50M2 – the pain is worth it!

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You sure want to settle for another re-watch of Suits, The Blacklist or any other mainstream series; only the true
entertainment-seekers dare to venture into Netflix’s international territories
and consume some brilliant content like this Turkish series 50M2.

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If you’re someone who is still reluctant to watch international series, and is looking for
reviews to find out if it’s worth your time, well, here are some popular memes, fans’ reactions and reactions to 50M2 that will
definitely help make up your mind:

Here’s one of the most important viral reactions.

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Updated February 1, 2021
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