5 Shocking Facts About The Princess Switch: Switched Again!

  • POSTED ON: November 19, 2020

We know you’re probably elbow deep in a pie right now, and probably planning the Thanksgiving menu and which side dish to make with your roasted turkey, since it’s the month of Thanksgiving, wintery nights, and of course, the craze of Black Friday sales.

However, consumerism pushes the bounds of holidays and this includes Netflix! Since 2020 is the year where time has officially stopped making sense and everyday feels like a holiday, Netflix has decided to add some sugar and some spice to lift up our holiday spirits.

The streaming giant has already started dropping their Christmas movie/TV series lineup, including Holidate, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, Operation Christmas Drop, Dash & Lily, and now we have The Princess Switch: Switch Again! coming up this week.

The first installment of The Princess Switch came out in 2018 and seemed to have performed well as compared to A Christmas Prince from the previous year.

It's a movie about an ordinary girl who runs into her doppelganger and finds herself swept up into the royal lifestyle of a small unknown country.

Now this epic mix-up is going to happen again this year in the movie’s second installment, ‘Princess Switch: Switch Again’, dropping on Netflix on 19th November.

If you have already added this movie to your Christmas’s watch-list, you’d be fascinated to learn about these five shocking facts about The Princess Switch: Switch Again!

  1. There'll be three doppelgangers!

The sequel of Princess switch is set to bring back your favorite duo Vanessa Hudgens and Vanessa Hudgens, but this timfe, there will be a third doppelganger adding to the mix!

Yes! Hudgens is going to portray three different characters, which all happen to look alike and are probably going to switch each other’s places. Gosh, it's gonna be confusing!

When Hudgens read the script for the movie’s second installment, she said, “Ooh man, this going to be a lot of work.” She later says, “I was very excited to create yet another character and had such a blast doing so.”

  1. Hudgens admits that she got confused with her scenes during the shoot

Playing three different characters in one movie gotta be confusing for both the viewer and the maker, and so of course, it was confusing for Vanessa Hudgens too. During shooting, she admits that figuring out the list of scenes for the movie was rather confusing at times.

  1. The third installment of Princess Switch is already in the works!

Yes! As fans are anxiously waiting for the sequel, the third Princess Switch movie is already in the works. But, whether or not Vanessa Hudgens will play a fourth role in the third installment is yet to be known. But if there is, I‘m pretty sure we all need a cheat sheet or something to figure out which Vanessa is which.

  1. It was shot in Scotland!

While the first movie was shot in Romania, the movie's filming locations  were Glasgow Cathedral, including Edinburgh Gateway train station. However, the Edinburgh Gateway train station was transformed into an airport.

Netflix’s TV hit series Outlander and Outlaw King, Robert the Bruce biopic, have also been shot on the same locations in recent years.

  1. The first look of the sequel!

Along with the princess switch: switched again trailer, the princess switch: switched again cast, Netflix gave us an early Christmas gift with exclusive pictures of Margaret, Stacy, and probably Fiona.

So, who's excited for the movie? because I am!

Updated November 19, 2020
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