5 shocking facts about Mario Lopez, Lifetime and KFC’s ‘A Recipe for Seduction’!

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  • POSTED ON: December 8, 2020

Well, why do you think the chicken crossed the road? Don’t know the answer to that? We have one for you! To see Mario Lopez in action as the Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Colonel Sanders on Lifetime! Okay, that was a bit extra.

On Monday, Lifetime turned our heads around with a bunch of unusual casting decisions. In fact, even the title seems a bit odd! Basically, the famous TV network shared a poster on Twitter to promote the upcoming mini-movie. The title is called A Recipe for Seduction and it has images of the ever so gorgeous TV Personality Mario Lopez!

Along with the photos, the caption reads: “Mark your calendars because Lifetime and @KFC have partnered for a Lifetime Original Mini-Movie you don’t want to miss.”

The mini-movie is all set to premiere on the network on Sunday at 12 p.m. The movie will take a new shot at the famous television commercial, and we’re hoping that the craze will go up a notch!

The story is of a young heiress who is struggling to make a decision between a rich suitor who is of her mother’s choice and a young in-house chef who is all things sweet and spicy. In a typical Lifetime style, there will be sizzling chemistry and the situation will become incredibly dramatic. In fact, we’ll find the disappointed suitor and the heiress’s mother seeking comfort in the KFC mascot.

Along with the promotional photoshoot, the channel has shared a short teaser trailer which is presented by KFC itself! You can see the trailer below.

Okay, we’ve told you that the trailer will leave you feeling a little hot under the collar, right? So, that’s enough for the new KFC Mini-movie for now. Let’s shift our focus to Mario Lopez for a brief moment as we discuss a few shocking facts about him!


Well, what is that one thing that every guy growing up in the 90s wished for? To be kissed by Queen Fergie! Anyway, the story isn’t exactly a fairytale because they were working together in a show. But the kiss was cute as she ended up being his first kiss ever!


It’s already known that he was a famous child actor. But do you know that he also acted on a Broadway show? He fulfilled his deepest desire to act on Broadway by playing the role of Zach in A Chorus Line.


Okay, here’s when things get a bit shady: do you know that, when he was only a few weeks old, Mario had contracted a strange disease? He got so sick that doctors had given their final word. He was unable to consume any fluids until his dad took him to Mexico where a mysterious witch doctor saved his life.


So we’ve heard about Kim Kardashian’s 75-day old marriage. But Mario has beaten her to that because he apparently was married to his longtime girlfriend for only two weeks! Well, he was the one at fault because he had cheated on her before the wedding. Men.


Is there anything that Mario cannot do? He can act, he can write, he can even wrestle! But he can also play the drums! Well, well. This man has a perfect resume.

Anyway, after watching the trailer of his new mini-movie, Twitter users have some things to say! But before you continue reading that, here's a treat for you!


Updated December 8, 2020
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