5 Shocking Facts about ‘Dogwashers’ on Netflix

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  • POSTED ON: March 9, 2021

Dogwashers is directed by Carlos Moreno, a Columbian director who rose to fame after receiving recognition from Sundance for his two films – Dog Eat Dog and All Your Dead Ones.

Theme and Subgenre:

Most movies show the lavish lifestyle of drug lords, but Dogwasher shows you the downfall – the aging and mortality. The movie has an underlined comic tone, but the eventual portrayal is brutal and heartbreaking. You’ll find elements of psychopathy and revenge that will highlight the worst side of human psyche.

Don Oscar is the aging leader who desperately needs a haircut and change in lifestyle. Basically, how he’s overcome with greed, pride, and ego and the movie is a journey of how he grapples with all that. He faces betrayal from his own men and the lack of support from the wife – who has her own problems – put him down even more.

And wait – there are also prostitutes and other secrets that will open up a Pandora box and unravel room for conflict as well as closure.

Similarities & Comparisons

Have you seen Pulp Fiction? Of course, you have – everyone has! So basically, this is the kind of movie that you’ll watch in a post-Tarantino world. It’s almost the same universe, but with a niftier soundtrack and peppery dialogues. You’ll also see similarities with narco-thriller movies like Scarface, Blow, and American Made. Basically, you’ll find a touch of every movie that falls in the tropes of guns and crime.


There are some incredible performances in the movie, though. In fact, we’d say that it’s challenging to select one performance that outshined the rest. The collection of great performances includes the one given by Munoz. He played the quiet underdog who is absorbed by pressure and frustration. On the other hand, Gonzalez balances cruelty and comedy effortlessly.

Dialogues and Nudity

There are a couple of memorable dialogues in the movie, but the one that stays with us the most is said by Don Marco. He said: “Ask the Virgin for the money.” Obviously, you need context for this, but we’re going to say that it’s going to remind you of the time Jerry Maguire screamed “Show me the money” over the phone!

Where there is crime, there is nudity, so be ready to watch some explicit scenes. But hey, this is the norm, and we would be surprised if the opposite ever happens.

Direction and Predictability

What do we think of the movie? To be honest, Dogwasher is slow-paced, and it’s the kind of content that you need to simmer down – like home cooked meals are better than canned food, right? And usually, crime thrillers are predictable, but we like the fact that this movie is not. The ending will leave you shocked to the core – at least when you find out who is at the receiving end of those bullets!

We have to give credit to Moreno’s direction; it’s patient and much more detailed than the norm. The writing is honestly the best, and the addition of humor was a master stroke. The fact that there were no bald-faced jokes was a revelation. The way they weaved comedy into dark moments was incredible. We can clearly see how toxic masculinity is woven into Don’s character and how vile the trait really is.

The direction is done patiently, so you’ll often find yourself connecting the dots and relating one piece of information to another – and always getting surprised with the actual reveal. Look, a screenwriter would tell you that there are, in total, only seven kinds of stories to tell. However, the genius is in telling the same story in a different way – and for that you need creativity, great observational skills, and the ability to execute spectacularly and impactfully.

Final Verdict

It all comes down to one question: Should you watch it or not?

We’d say that you stream it – regardless of whether you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll find yourself infatuated with the world the director has created. It’s exciting and engaging and damn fun!

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Did you check out the 5 shocking facts that we just revealed to you about Dogwashers – Netflix? Also, watch the movie on Netflix in March and tell us know if the shocking facts were worth the hype.


Updated March 9, 2021
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