5 Indoor Winter Games for Kids

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  • POSTED ON: October 27, 2020

Baby, it’s cold

Winter has to be one of
the most beautiful months of the year! Snowfall, cold hands, warm coffee, and
cozy blankets – don’t we just love it all. But with beauty, this season has its
pitfalls. Like, this is also the time of the year when flu is one the rise, and
with the pandemic in mind, this year, winters are going to be a tad more
challenging to pass.

To shield your children
from flu and poor health conditions, come up with plans to keep them
entertained indoors. There are so many winter games and activities and indoor games that one can
come up with to pass time, and some of them are recommended below!

Make Snowman Snacks

Source: Adventures of Mel

Among other best games, this game is creative,
entertaining, and productive as well! You can ask all your children to gather
around in the kitchen and bake a delicious batch of snowman cookies. You can
guide them with the difficult and potentially threatening tasks like dealing
with the oven or kneading the dough. They would love this idea! So go on and make
fun treats and sundaes.

Indoor Snowball Fight

Source: YouTube

Who doesn’t love
snowball fights? There’s something magical about the fresh smell of snow that
excites children and prepares them for the cold days ahead. But since playing
in the actual snow can make you sick, have your own fun with children by
rolling up white balls of paper and white socks and toss them around!

Winter Hot Cocoa Picnic

Source: Jefferson Payroll

Who doesn’t enjoy a
good picnic? Well, since it’s not summer, you can’t go to the beach and make
sandcastles. However, you can enjoy yourself by sitting by the fire, making hot cocoas
served marshmallows and cookies. Share stories if you like!

Homemade Winter Cottage

Source: Pinterest

Find a large box and
cut windows and door holes. Then ask your children to use glue and colors and
glitter to decorate the cottage and use other ornaments to make fake snow for
the roof. Oh, don’t forget to add the chimney! Sometimes, a little crafty
session is all that your children need.

Winter Bingo Game

Source: Resourceful Mama

Being one of the most fun indoor winter activities, get ready to play bingo! So go ahead and make your own bingo sheet using winter-themed
clipart. Add images and other fun elements to make it an
entertaining night!

While you enjoy these, keep following our blog for some more fun activities. Also, don’t forget to tell us which game
you’re interested in playing!


Updated October 27, 2020
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